10 messages from guys who act on girls flawlessly

“I know one terrace with a magnificent view of the city and I can argue that you have never been there”

Both in friends and in men we are always attracted by people who, as an updated version of the guidebook, always bring new information into our lives, show us unexpected places and share their own discoveries. So the promise to surprise on the first date (only without cheating!) Is the best bait.

“Do you want to send a photo of my dog?”

Beautiful guys and their touching pets in one photo - this is the level of mimi, which can easily go off scale and accidentally turn into love.

“I love sports, but not fanatically, because for me it's just a hobby, and another reason to see the world”

It is necessary to correlate this message with his photo with the perfect press in the profile, and there is a keen desire to write an application for leave and invite him to go off to Bali tomorrow - surf, do yoga and ride a moped in an embrace.

“I wish I could see you in this black dress again”

We sincerely like compliments in the direction of our clothes, especially if they do not fall to the level of vulgarity, because for this very clothing, half of the salary sometimes goes ...

“I thought about your work when I read this article on the Internet ...”

Immediately hitting the target, if the girl is not interested in sex on the first (and also, possibly, on the second and third) dates, but she wants him to appreciate her intellectual abilities and show his interest in the area in which she is engaged.

“Imagine, I made dinner for you, but suddenly I ate it all alone. Maybe on Saturday I will try again? ”

Still, a sense of humor, if it has a place to be, even in a slightly ridiculous manner, is a pleasant bonus that at least separates its owner from others, which do not go beyond the questions “How are you?” And “What are you doing today?” able.

"And you never dreamed of going to the Around the World?"

Oh, these dreamers and their crazy life scenarios, which then, however, often remain dreams! .. But to go on a first date with him, to discuss this, promises to be an interesting experience.

"Write me how you will be free, and I will meet you"

It works flawlessly because: a) it gives you the opportunity to choose a meeting time and calmly finish all your affairs, b) you do not need to go where he says, and c) sounds like a manifestation of care and attention, as if you are not already familiar one year.

"I prepared a surprise for you!"

An effective first date bait that hints that he at least has a fantasy. Only if this very surprise is not skydiving and not eating grasshoppers in a Chinese restaurant ...

"I can not concentrate on work, all the time thinking about you"

It sounds like a declaration of love and a cry for help at the same time, but the main thing is that the girl feels that "the fish is hooked," and, most likely, will agree to a meeting with interest.

10 messages from guys who act on girls flawlessly