109 release. Habitat - What we drink

Soft drinks do not mean harmless, so it is important to be able to choose them. In fact, it is not difficult. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice in any store in any situation.


The main rule - carefully read the label and do not let manufacturers deceive you. Nectar can not be directly pressed or 100% - this is just an advertising move. Look for the packaging in the first place the inscription "Juice" and only then the label "Direct pressing".


To find a healthy drink on the store shelves, look for the label “Juice drink” on the label - it contains at least 15% juice or fruit puree. If it says “Non-alcoholic drink”, it means that there is very little or no juice at all, and the inscriptions “with juice”, “with natural juice” or “with juice content” are just an advertising move.


When choosing a lemonade, remember: drinks with sweeteners poorly quench thirst. This Soviet lemonade can only be with sugar.


To find a real "Tarragon", carefully read the label. As part of this drink should be a natural tarragon infusion or infusion of tarragon and vanilla. Remember: tarragon and tarragon are two names for the same herb.


If “Lemon” flavor is written in lemonade, and the name “Duchesshe” is on the label, then the manufacturer is cunning. Before you is not the same "Duchess", and the usual pear lemonade.


These tips will help you choose the right three liters of liquid that we drink every day.