15 photos proving that love has no age or time limit

One of the most beautiful things in the life of every person is love. And it often happens that this same love continues throughout life, or even when the person is no longer with you, and you still continue to love him.

1. “When we had lunch with my mom in a cafe, this grandfather drank coffee with his late wife. Everyone would have such a strong love ... "

2. "My grandmother had an operation on her wrist, and she could not wind her hair, Grandpa did it with pleasure"

3. “My grandfather died a few months ago, and since then I have not been at his home. When I finally walked in, I accidentally saw his wedding dresses hanging in his closet and his wife is true love. ”

4. “My grandmother recently died, and my grandfather sent me this photo so that I would know exactly what a man in love looks like. They have been married for 60 years ... "

5. "My parents today celebrate the anniversary of the wedding. This is what love looks like after 54 years together. ”

6. “My grandfather didn’t leave his grandmother’s bed 4 days after she had a heart surgery.”

7. This couple recreated the wedding picture, which is 70 years old.

8. “I saw this couple in a cafe.A man named John taught the alphabet his wife Linda. He said that she had lost her memory, and he taught her so that she could read again. Patience, love and understanding are at their best. ”

9. In the shower we are all young ...

10. Hugging in secret - nice at any age.

11. “Stay together until the last heartbeat. My grandmother is 96 years old, and my grandfather is 100. Photos an hour before my grandmother's death. They lived 77 years in marriage. "

12. He sang to her every night before bed. And the last time, before she was gone. 70 years of true love. ”

13. This couple is married for 37 years and always dressed in the same style clothes.

14. “When my sister and I tried to teach our parents to swim, they simply enjoyed each other’s company.”

15. “Today my grandmother is 85 years old, and we staged dances for the first time since our grandfather passed away.