17 photozagadok followed by "exposing"

I offer you a selection of unusual photos, once again proving how much extraordinary, frightening, but also beautiful can be seen in the outside world.

1. What is it? Jelly tracks?
In fact, the effects of the earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand.

2. How to learn to walk on water?
No, but you can learn to photograph "at the right time."

3. Here, the author of this snapshot already knows how to sooo quickly shoot.

4. This is not a photoshop: the dog is called a “maned wolf”, and it has really incredibly long legs.

5. When did they manage to invent androids?
The photo shows a live Ukrainian girl, Valeria Lukyanova, who performed many surgical procedures in order to achieve Barbie's external perfection.

6. “Oh, we have somewhere not turned there !?
“Quietly, the runway at the airport of German Leipzig is simply designed in such a way - above the autobahn!”

7. The man thought about the eternal at the time of the crash of the yacht ...
No, he shows his abilities to maintain balance, and the boat initially had such an unusual, to say the least, design.

8. That day the mountain was very angry!

9. Philosophical fotochka showing the prospect of life.

10. Looking at this photo, you might think that Europe is not as calm and conservative as it seems!
In fact, simply the author of such an invention to cover the repaired buildings was, apparently, a little “not so good”.

11. Real trees in the forests of Poland.

12. What is this! ??
- Only algae at high tide swim in clear water.

13. The natural color of the cat of Venus, which made her extremely famous - she even had to start a page on Facebook!

14. Original sculpture. We suggest calling it "Keep the sky falling!"

15. An impressive picture of the meeting place of two sea currents.

16. The stunning flexibility of a gymnast, and a good moment for the photographer.

17. These are not people floating in the sky, but an incredibly beautiful salt lake in Bolivia, which occasionally, after rain, becomes like a mirror.