19 simple ideas of rational storage of things that will help clean up the house

Already from birth we are surrounded by loved ones, necessary and not very subjects. The more family members, the more different needs we have accumulated. How can you create a cozy space with so many things? Today we will show you how to organize storage in different rooms, so that the house has a feeling of comfort, there is no mess in things, and the storage systems are comfortable and functional.

1. The support for disks can serve as a support for covers from containers


2. Bottle holder = towel holder

3. Pendant galoshnitsa = storage system kitchen stuff

4. Hooks for clothes can serve as pendants for ironing boards.

5. Again, stand under the CD = bathroom shelf


6. Jeans are more convenient to store on large hooks

7. Paper Tray = Slipper Storage System

8. A creative way to hide the router


9.Idea for storing cotton wool discs and sticks in the bathroom

10. Wires will no longer gather dust! Place an extension cord for charging electronic devices inside the bedside table by making a hole in the back wall.


11. Nice place for press and mail

12. All cards can be stored on a large key ring.

13. Plastic hooks for shower curtains = idea for storing bags and belts

14. The way to compactly fold t-shirts

15. You will forget about confusing headphones if you fold them like this:

16. Jars of baby food can be turned into magnetic jars for spices.

17. That's how easy it is to sort dirty laundry

18. Homemade pvc tube holders for hairdressing accessories