3 main causes of female adultery

Since, according to the stories of her deceived husband, everything was perfect for him, he worked a lot to provide for her and her children, she also worked, but did not overwork. Children two, lived in prosperity, went to rest, scandals were almost there. And then like a bolt from the blue - the betrayal of the right wife. He found out about it from her friend, who had opened her heart after a couple of glasses of wine. A friend was kicked out with a bang, the wife was barred against the wall, where she confessed everything. I begged to forgive her, said she didn’t know why she did it, and promised never again. He could not forgive and believes that it is impossible to forgive. They filed for divorce, she still hopes for reconciliation, and he fiercely hates the entire female gender and says that she will never marry again, because all the women (I will not write this word with the letter Sh).

On the Internet, there are many reasons for women's adultery. It seems that they are written offended by men who do not represent the essence of the issue. Some of them even made me laugh: “The women change when it gets boring, you need money, or the prospect of having a male better appeared.”About how, I don’t know, with what such “women” this poor fellow communicated, but only I want to talk about women who, after many years of living together, decided to commit adultery, knowing full well its disastrous consequences. And there are all three root causes:

Reason number 1: she stopped feeling loved, turned into a wife or martial friend of life

This happens when a man begins to use his soul mate as a cook and a nanny, and the quantity or quality of sex is drastically reduced. Beautiful words, explanations of love, romance, and the routine begins. Indeed, in our advanced age, a man works, reflects on politics and meets with friends in bars, and a woman works, gives birth in agony, takes care of children and rustles around the house. At the same time, she tries to look like a beauty, not a tortured horse, and she really wants to be loved. And now the main question: does she feel love?

3 main causes of female adultery

Reason number 2: she wants to avenge his treason

A rare man never changes. And they change most of all just to those who completely devote their lives to a partner, forgetting about their own desires. In such women, men are 100% sure, believing that they will not go anywhere.And these men give romance and care to others. A woman may not be aware of infidelity, but it is intuitive to feel this, because the relationship in a couple is changing dramatically. And when the opportunity arises, the poor girl will remember all the insults.

Reason number 3: she is not sexually satisfied

In fact, this reason is much less common than the previous two. To change because of sexual dissatisfaction do not dare often, nevertheless many men, strangely enough, put this reason almost as the main thing. It seems to me that this is the prerogative of men, and for women intimacy consists not only of physical pleasure. Although, if she has ceased to receive an orgasm, or is left without conjugal caresses at all, intimacy on the side becomes not such a bad idea for her.

In general, the double behavior of women, it seems to me, follows from the behavior of both spouses. There is a saying: "Tango dancing together." Such cases are difficult to justify, but it is worthwhile to understand. At least to avoid such mistakes in the future. I know one thing: the overwhelming majority of women would not have dared, probably, for treason, if their partner admitted their mistakes and took at least some actions to fix everything.