46-year-old Elena Korikova struck subscribers with new photos

The actress posted on Instagram pictures from the set of the TV series "Shelest-2".

Elena Korikova, who gained popularity after the main role in the TV series “Poor Nastya” in the early 2000s, rarely indulges subscribers with publications in the microblog. But in recent days, the actress made a pleasant exception and uploaded a series of shots from the set of the new project. True, the frames, according to the star, were made a year ago.

Photo: @korikova_official

“The shooting took place exactly a year ago in Yaroslavl. For those who will look, enjoy! ”- Korikova commented on the posts and immediately received hundreds of likes and compliments from Internet subscribers.

Most noted that Elena is incredibly beautiful and looks 15 years younger than her age. Also, many people asked the celebrity to upload photos more often.

In recent years, Korikova, we note, leads a closed life, rarely gives interviews and almost does not appear at social events.Celebrity fans are only pleased that she continues to act in films. Especially everyone remembered her play in the mini-series “My Mother Against” and “Year in Tuscany” 2014.

See more photos of Elena Korikova in our gallery below.