5 Russian fashion brands, which are not yet known

Katarina Kudryashova

Katarina Kudryashova,
stylist, blogger

The idea of ​​import substitution was quite successful. Small business began to flourish in Russia: private brands appeared with tasty products (ranging from healthy fruit chips and snack bars to organic products), niche cosmetics (we recently wrote about girls who dared their personal beauty business), and wanting to buy clothes of local designers became more. While some claim that there is no fashion in our country, and the industry is generally bent, others firmly believe in a bright future and produce collections that are not inferior to Rafa Simons or Demne Gvasalia. In our review, there are five brands that impressed us last year and about which so far little is said (which means we have a chance to look original).

Panfil. Intellectual fashion

Career-building girls know how difficult it is to combine business ambitions and the desire to look fashionable.On the one hand, you can afford anything, for example, to dress in a "heavy suite." But let's be honest: sometimes it looks vulgar - not in the sense of indecent or cheap, but somehow expected, puffy. On the other hand, for the most part business attire is so conservative that I definitely do not want to look like a gray mouse. It's nice that there are brands that offer something new. Panfil relies on constructivism and multi-layeredness (it’s not just about clothes, but also textures and stylistic contrast). The main character of the brand is a selfmade girl who does not pursue trends, but forms her own uniqueness.