5 types of men who do not change

There is a statement that all men change polls. Is it so? Psychologist of the Sex Education Center Secrets Ekaterina Klimentieva says: it is not. And tells what kind of men will not go to adultery.

1. A man who received a decent parenting.

As we know, the model of human behavior is formed on the basis of parental behavior. And if the parents showed the boy an example of what a family should be, what honor and dignity are in relationships, then he will also strive for these guidelines, therefore treason is unacceptable for him.

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2. Religious man.

Some religious movements suggest exceptional loyalty. From childhood, boys are taught to be faithful to their choice, to treat marriage as a sacred, pure union. Therefore, whatever beauty may stand in the way of such a man, be sure: he will pass by!

3. A man with a low sexual constitution.

Such a man does not need a lot of sex, he can do without him for a long time.Such men are also called “sofa” because they are too lazy to strain themselves once again. A vivid example of this type is Ilya Oblomov.

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4. Responsible man.

He is one hundred percent accustomed to taking responsibility in a relationship, and treason as a fact is unacceptable to him. Due to the fact that he has high moral guidelines, or in childhood, he witnessed a conflict of parents' relations on the basis of infidelity and promised himself that he would not do this to his woman. And he keeps this word all his life.

5. A man caught in a positive environment.

Under the influence of the environment of conscious people in men there is an overestimation of values ​​and moral guidelines, men adapt to the environment or select the environment for themselves. Pay attention to who his friends are.