5 unusual Christmas tree of lace

Vintage lace Christmas tree is very very cute and easy to manufacture. So, how did our grandmothers do it?
For an unusual Christmas tree of lace, we need:

  • wide lace;
  • narrow decorative ribbon with volumetric flowers;
  • rhinestones or snowflakes to decorate the background;
  • Christmas tree garland, if the panel will be illuminated;
  • a sheet of cardboard covered with a cloth;
  • glue and sharp scissors.

This Christmas tree of lace is from the last century, but it is still charming and elegant. Initially, this Christmas tree was used as an ornament for the window, ie it was glued directly to the glass, but it is possible to make such a tree and as a wall panel.

Cut the wide lace into separate strips of different sizes for the branches of our lace Christmas tree.

The ends of the lace is better to cut diagonally. Sew the edge of the lace and add a little of it.

Lay out the finished lace in the form of a Christmas tree. If necessary, adjust the length of individual elements.

Cut a rectangular piece of lace for the “trunk”. Decorate the top of the lace with fabric flowers.

To assemble our wall panels, put a drop of glue on the lace canvas and fix it on the cardboard.

Paste rhinestones or snowflakes on the background.

If you make a backlit panel, before mounting the lace Christmas tree on the cardboard in it you need to make holes for the lights from the Christmas tree garland and then attach the lace elements of the Christmas tree.

In this case, instead of a flat sheet of cardboard, it is better to take the lid from a cardboard box with low sides so that you can hide the wires from the Christmas tree garland in the back wall of the panel.

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