6 mistakes of single women who are easy to fix

All you need is a little less to show initiative and independence.

Most unmarried ladies blame their looks on their solitude. However, in reality there are two main reasons: you either prefer to be alone, or you make a number of mistakes in relationships with men, which you can easily get rid of.

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1. Initiative

This is not bad if you show initiative in a relationship, however most men are conquerors in spirit. Therefore, if you deprive them of the opportunity to pursue and conquer you, they can quickly lose interest.

2. Impatience

You've been dating for a while, and you really want to know where your relationship goes. Hold your horses, because men need much more time to decide how serious their plans are. If you want a classic continuation of the novel, be patient and wait.

3. Independence

It is pleasant for a man to know that you are independent and self-sufficient, but every time you try to prove it to him, this leads to a decrease in his charm by you.A man wants to be a leader, even if in fact he is not, so let him guide you or release him.

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4. Truthfulness

True strengthens the relationship, only if it is not about your ex. Believe me, no man wants to hear anything about them - neither good nor bad,.

5. Self-doubt

Your partner has chosen you for his reasons, and if you constantly show him self-doubt, he can pass on to him, and he will reconsider his views on you.

6. Pretense

No need to pretend to be someone you are not. It is better for both parties to know the truth about each other from the very beginning, so as not to be disappointed when the relationship goes far enough.

Mikhail Labkovsky in his lectures says that the biggest mistake in communicating with men is unnatural.
Mikhail Labkovsky

- Some people believe that at the beginning of communication with a potential partner you need to play some games, pretend not to be what you really are. For example, many women behave affectionately, balancedly, hiding a hot-tempered character. The result of such a game is the same: after the couple gets closer, the true character traits come to the surface, and the relationship always deteriorates.People who play are afraid that they will not like them in a “natural” form, without pretense. This is a serious mistake. Remember: you must be loved for who you are. If you don't like opera, feel free to say so. You are by nature a homebody, you do not need to build yourself an avid party-goer, just to please. Your true face will somehow manifest itself, and scandals, quarrels and, as a result, a break will begin. At the same time, many people “play” for quite a long time - it happens that their features are found out over the years, and then the parting happens much harder.