7 secrets of charming communication based on scientific facts

0Everyone would like to be liked by people around them, but not everyone admits this!

It is believed that charisma is an innate trait, and charming people have some special gift that forces others to biased towards them. In fact, it is not. Everyone can become charming!

You need not study complex techniques and read books on the psychology of communication. Simply follow some guidelines that will help you discover your natural charm. Everyone can do it!

Here are seven secrets of effective communication that have a scientific rationale.

Number 1. Smile!

No matter how trite it may sound, friendship really begins with a smile. And he tells us about this not only the well-known children's song, but also scientific research. The fact is that a smile is a sign of acceptance, not only in our society, but in all others.It is an intercultural sign of good attitude and disposition. We recognize him in infancy, in pre-conscious and pre-verbal age.

Thanks to a smile, you can build warmer relationships with people, as well as quickly gain the trust of others. However, smile smile discord - do not try to wear it on his face all the time and avoid falsehood. People are very sensitive to this, so if you want to smile, better remember something pleasant and joyful, then your smile will be warm and real.


№ 2. Learn to listen actively

It is not enough just to hear the interlocutor. It is also necessary to understand him: as the information that he tries to convey, and the emotions that he experiences.

There is a great technique that psychologists use - the technique of active listening. It will allow you not only to understand the other, but also to show the other person that you understand him. It is only necessary to try to accurately capture his thoughts and feelings and talk about how you understood him, only using other, already your words and definitions.


№ 3. Remember respect

Self-esteem is the basis of a person’s self-esteem, whoever he may be and whatever social status he may be.Social psychologists have noticed that those who communicate with each as an equal, seeing in the other, first of all, a personality, and not a set of social roles, have a much greater interlocutor.


№ 4. Focus on the other.

If you want to be a great companion, talk about what's interesting to another, not to yourself. Try to focus on the person with whom you are communicating, and try to see the world with his or her eyes. What is the value that is the subject of interest? That is what is worth discussing.


No. 5. Remember the platinum rule of communication

We learned from childhood the "golden" rule of communication - to treat others as we would like them to treat us. But we are all different, and everyone needs an individual approach. Therefore, here is a “platinum” rule for you - treat the other as he himself would like.


# 6. Avoid idle chatter.

In our age of technology and progress, information flows around us, and there are many more of them than we can assimilate. We would have had difficulty if our brain had not learned to sift out the superfluous and unnecessary. The so-called “information noise”, which does not carry any meaning, and does not mean to us - we have learned not to even hear it, and this saves our intellectual resources.Think about this when you want to discuss something insignificant simply to support the dialogue.


№ 7. Be honest

People are very subtle feel false. Try to say exactly what you really think, and do not try to hide your feelings. It will be much more honest to admit that you are not ready to tell about something right now, than to try to hide something from others.



It was 7 secrets that will help you communicate easily and productively with a wide variety of people using your natural charm. Chat and enjoy!