9 EXAMPLES of pistachio shell use

Lovers of pistachios, rejoice! After a pleasant cracking of tasty nuts, you will not have to throw a pile of paid shells into the trash! To be honest, after viewing photographs with real artwork made from shell, it's just blasphemy. Take a look and appreciate everything yourself. Yes, do not forget to look at our previous post with the ideas of using pistachio shells!

1. The first project - a wreath of small flowers (painted pistachio shell). In the photo you can see everything that is required for entertaining work.

Find materials for this project is very easy!

It will be difficult for guests to assume that this unique decoration is made of pistachio peel! Looks so elegant, as if it was bought in an expensive boutique.

2. Beautiful panel "Succulents"

Succulents - a fashionable, expensive and beautiful plant. This wonderful panel is a very economical version of the “succulent flowerbed”, it looks great and does not require watering!

3"Flowers" of pistachio shells.

As mentioned above, succulents today are a very desirable and stylish plant. What can we say, even for their plastic imitation will have to pay a tidy sum. But just look at these flowers - they look so lively and organic!

4. Light and beautiful "gold" jewelry. For all the compliments about the unusual necklaces and brooches, the foreman replies: "Thank you, I did it myself." We offer you photos and videos with the instruction:

A little more jewelry:

Brooch "Pearl shells"

Buttercups, flowers

5. Beautiful panels

Mirror in a shining frame for a cozy oriental interior

Fashionable multifragment panels with natural elements

Bright and colorful panels on a bamboo tablecloth

Simple and original photo frame

A small master class on making flowers

Comment to video: stand for the flower can be made of cardboard, as well as from old CDs:

6. Vases and stands for office supplies

7. Beautiful greeting card. It remains only to add the inscriptions: “I think of you,” “Thank you,” etc.

8. Charming flowers in a vase