A fascinating mystery about the three wise men, which a genius will solve in 1 minute

The ability to negotiate and work in a team is very important to achieve a specific goal. And you will certainly understand this when you solve the following riddle. Or rather, if you can handle it.


This is a story about how the wise men of well-developed logic deceived the laws of mathematics. So there were three wise men. And they put a hat on the head of each of them. And there were only five hats - 3 of them black and 2 more white. However, the wise men did not know what kind of hat they wore, but could see the hats on others.

Before the sages set the task: each of them had to guess what hat he wore in a minute. At the same time they were allowed to express out loud the guesses about the color of their hat, but it was forbidden to stammer on the hats of others. It is known that until the very test, they also agreed on a strategy for their actions. As a result, the wise men brilliantly coped with the task.But how did they do it? The correct answer can be found below to check yourself. Just do not peep ahead of time!


Photo source: pixabay.com

Before the test, the sages agreed on how to give signals to each other. If one of them sees that the other two have white hats, then he says: "I have a black hat." So the others understand that they are wearing white hats. If the sage sees one black and the other white, he says: "Probably black." If another sage sees only black hats, then he is completely silent. So the wise men managed to get out of such a difficult situation in 1 minute.