A few ideas for arranging a small bathroom

“Small apartments and huge problems” - how often do you hear such things from residents of post-Soviet buildings, when it’s simply impossible to accommodate all things in separate rooms. The bathrooms were particularly damaged, where it is very difficult to fit all the necessary items for hygiene, the bathroom and furniture for the washing machine without the intervention of experienced designers.

Modernity and Bath

To solve the problem of a small bathroom, of course, you can, everything is in the right interior. Nowadays, it is most rational to pay attention to the design in the styles of minimalism, modern, the Japanese style can also be suitable for the bathroom. The functionality of such styles for small rooms is marked by simplicity, the minimum number of objects, the correct distribution of objects in the room, the use of pleasant colors.

In fact, modernist style bathrooms are distinguished by the use of bright colors and incompatible materials.Frequently used zoning helps to visually divide and enlarge the room. Plumbing can be located in the wall, thus freeing up such an important space, and instead of a bath a shower stall is installed. There is also the use of a large number of mirrors, beautiful shelves, which are built into the wall.

Minimalism is characterized by simple lines. The name of the style is already talking about the minimum number of parts and the maximum of space. In this case, there is no varied color range, often everything is decorated with shades of one or two colors. Furniture and designer items are found only with straight lines and sharp corners.

Japanese ethno-style is also gaining popularity now. Bathroom design in this style will not be cheap, although some things can be done manually. The use of silk, bamboo, rice paper is noted. The interior is marked by brevity and forethought, and the walls can be covered with thematic drawings. Do not despair at the sight of a small bathroom, with the right approach, it will become comfortable and beautiful.