A few more words about cabins for construction.

Modern cabins for construction (Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow) are manufactured according to strict European standards. They will become the simplest and best option for the placement of labor collectives at that time when they are engaged in the erection of buildings. Compact, mobile and famous for their small value - all this applies to the cabins. Such a product can be both seasonal and all-season, because the facilities are easily connected to all existing communications.

It is customary to divide all household construction structures into metal block-containers and garden change houses (most often wooden).

There are a lot of companies in central Russia, where you can easily buy a dog house at an affordable price.

The main advantages of construction trailers cabins - the convenience and ease of transportation, no problems with the installation, no matter where the construction work.They are quickly transported from place to place. The functionality of their use is amazing. As for rationality considerations, this is probably one of the most sensible solutions. Bribing simplicity, capable of solving many problems at once, you can think of nothing more important. Without decorative luxury, without elegant finishing materials - construction change houses managed to become irreplaceable thanks to their simplicity. This simplicity creates an acceptable cost. In short, the buildings for temporary accommodation of workers with the tool are quite cheap. People's love is guaranteed!

The exterior finish of the cabins may be lining, and maybe - galvanized steel sheet. Inside - also lining or fiberboard. The shed roof (parallelepiped in the form of a shed) is covered with black iron sheets. To protect the metal from natural influences are called enamel or oil paint. When used properly, construction vans serve for a very, very long time.

Primary strength provides a strong frame. In the block container it is metal welded, in wooden - bar.The frame gives the whole structure such necessary stability. In order for sheds to be suitable for living, an optimal microclimate must be created in them. His creation, in addition to heating devices, is a multi-layered structure, the presence of a layer of insulation. And not only the walls are warmed, but also the floor. Mandatory waterproofing system.