A glowing garland of real snowflakes

Many are familiar withgrowing snowflakes for decoration and New Year's decoration. In this master class, you will learn how, using this principle, to make a luminous garland of real snowflakes. Why from the real ones? As you know, there are no similar snowflakes, it also turns out here, after growing the snowflakes, it will not work out the same. And the garland itself not only looks amazing, but it will be unique. The process itself is quite simple and fascinating and is perfect for co-creation with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. LED festoon;
  2. borax (sold in stores, pharmacies);
  3. shenyl white wire;
  4. nippers;
  5. plastic bowl;
  6. wooden sticks.

Step 1

We take the wire, bite off the pieces, bend it and make snowflakes (stars, etc.) in different shapes.

Using chenille wire (you can still thin threads), we attach wire snowflakes to the LED lights of the garland.

Step 3

Getting to the preparation of the solution. Pour the water into a saucepan, put it on a stove and bring it to a boil. Then remove the pan from the heat and start adding the brew constantly stirring. We continue to add borax until the borax ceases to dissolve, then the solution will be sufficiently saturated and ready.

Step 4

Pour the solution from the pan into a plastic container. We omit part of the garland in the solution. To ensure that LEDs with wire snowflakes do not touch the bottom or sides, we use wooden sticks to support the garland. We are waiting for snowflakes to crystallize on the wire, it will take about 3 hours. The more time the garland is in solution, the thicker the snowflakes will be.

The same thing we repeat with the other LEDs of the garland.

If necessary, remove the crystals from the wires. To completely remove the crystals from the garland, we use hot water - they dissolve remarkably in it.