A new kind of boring sweater: really, an interesting solution

There is nothing simpler and more fun at the same time than redoing clothes. Of course, to solve several pairs of jeans jacket can not every needlewoman, but to transform the boring appearance of an ordinary sweatshirt under the force even a beginner master. To make such a braid on the back, you do not need to make patterns and long to mess around with the materials.

It is best to buy in advance a knitted fabric, similar or close in color and texture to the jacket, which you are going to update. If you use only strips of fabric back, it may not be enough. Or in this case, the stripes will be more rare, and the cutout - more open. From the fabric should be cut strips of the thickness and length that you like. Attach them to the sweater, which can pre-cut the back, or you can sew a braid over the fabric.

Pin a wicker to the edges of the back, unscrew and sew the edges on the machine.