A stylish iron pot made of iron - 20 minutes and it's done!

Everyone knows that the little things made with their own hands, give the house a special charm and comfort and can tell a lot about the owner of the home. One of these individual features of your apartment can be flower pots made by you yourself. And today we want to tell you about how to make a flower pot from the most ordinary iron bucket. Take note!

1. Make a few small holes on the bottom of the bucket to drain excess liquid during watering the flowers. Using a spatula, apply a thin layer of the substrate (plaster mixture for interior work).

2. Put a mounting grid on the base and start laying sea pebbles. Leave the bucket until completely dry.

3. Fill the holes between the stones with the grout mix and allow to dry. Rinse excess mixture with a wet sponge. A new flower pot is ready!