All the secrets of punk style (10 photos)

There are a great many styles in clothing. Some are suitable for romantic and gentle people, but others can be called bold and bright. For example, punk style is something crazy and stunning, shocking and eye-catching. And what are the features of this style?

What is this style? Who are the punks?

Punks - this, in fact, a subculture that appeared in the 70 years of the last century. At that time (approximately from the beginning of the 60s) such a trend as hippies was fashionable. His supporters promoted love and peace. Many musical groups appeared, singing melodious songs with a similar motive.

In the makeup focus on the eyes

Such groups as The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were especially popular. But then people wanted something new, unbridled and challenging. Many began to promote sex and open relationships. Changed and songs, and the behavior of people, and, of course, clothing. But more on that later.

And who are punks? These are people who adhere to the ideas of freedom of speech and thought, independence from society and self-expression.The philosophy of this direction was based on the ideology of comprehensive freedom. Everyone wanted to express themselves, literally shouting about themselves to the whole world.

He likes young people

By the way, from English the word "punk" is translated differently, but more often it means curses or is used in relation to the marginals.

How did the style of clothing?

Almost every subculture has its own characteristics, in particular, the manner of dressing. What was originally a punk fashion? The founders of this stylistic direction were Malcolm McLaren, who was the producer of the famous Sex Pistols group at that time, and his wife Vivienne Westwood, who at that time was not yet known.

On lover

Malcolm had his own clothing boutique, but decided, under the influence of the new direction of music, to completely change it. Dresses for the young, of course, came up with Vivienne. And some of them and she sewed herself. Yes, it did not always work out neatly, but negligence is the main feature of the style.

Distinctive features

You will be in the spotlight

Here are some of the distinctive features of punk style clothing:

  • All clothes look very defiant and can not fail to attract the attention of others.
  • The abundance of holes, patches, scuffed and other details, screaming that things are not treated with care.
  • Numerous accessories: metal buttons, locks, fasteners.
  • As for fabrics, it is most often used such as leather, knitwear, denim and some synthetic materials.
  • Numerous rough, brutal and bold accessories.
  • Scary hairstyles.
  • Bright callous make-up.
  • The styles can be different. For example, punk women and girls may look sexy and even vulgar when choosing tight dresses, corsets and short skirts. Men are content with straight or narrowed pants and loose shirts and jackets.
  • The color scheme of the style is presented in several colors: black, white, pink, red, lilac and green.
  • The style of punk in clothes involves a combination of incompatible, and this applies to both textures and colors.
  • Among characteristic prints, a cell is often found. Also often used photos of punk artists and other famous personalities. In addition, the clothing can be found skull and other similar attributes.

Choosing clothes in punk style

For an evening out

So, what’s included in a punk wardrobe? Here are a few options:

  1. Little black dress. It is best to buy the simplest short, devoid of unnecessary parts. An important role here will play accessories.
  2. The girl can easily buy a sexy corset. And if you decide to buy leather, then be sure that you will be able to become a real punk queen.
  3. You should definitely buy jeans, they are a versatile piece of clothing, they are worn by both boys and girls. But ordinary jeans do not fit, they certainly must be torn, faded, or even faded. "Transform" such a piece of clothing you can with your own hands, armed with scissors, threads, needles, chains, rags and so on. The style, by the way, can be almost anything, the main thing is decor.
  4. Be sure to purchase a black leather jacket-leather jacket with a lot of locks, rivets, straps and other characteristic details.
  5. The girl just need to buy a few pairs of tights. And it certainly should be pantyhose mesh, the value of which can vary, as well as the color of such a garment. Also fit and sexy stockings, but also in the mesh.By the way, if you have old thin tights (especially black ones) with a puff or arrow, do not rush to throw them out. Put them on and tear them. It's incredibly sexy and even vulgar, in general, just like punk.
  6. Short pleated plaid skirt. She is also useful. Be sure to decorate it with a bright strap with a large plate and chains.
  7. Also, it will be useful to purchase tight-fitting plaid pants, they will also be appropriate.
  8. If you have old T-shirts, cut off the sleeves and tear them apart in chaotic order, and you will get a bright punk-top top in which you can shock the public.
  9. T-shirt vest will also come in handy.
  10. Be sure to buy a black voluminous T-shirt with a famous personality (preferably related to punk culture) or with the name of the group. It can also show off a skull or, for example, a heart in thorns.

Do hair

If you have short hair, then by all means make a mohawk! Such a hairstyle is characteristic of punks. You can also make "thorns" or "needles". You will definitely need fixing varnish or hair gel.


Those who do not mind their hair, paint them in incredible and unnatural colors: pink, blue, green, purple or blue-black.If such changes seem to be radical, then you can paint one or several strands, for example.


For long hair is suitable. No pigtails and tails, everything should be careless and brutal!


Footwear is also brutal and literally screams that its owner is freedom-loving and does not care about cleanliness and tidiness. The most convenient option is sneakers. Heavy rough shoes are also common. Girls can afford boots or ankle boots on the platform and on a steady rough heel.

Guys like this style too

Choosing accessories


Punk accessories play an important role and complement the look. Here are a few options:

  • Leather belts with spikes and heavy metal plates.
  • Leather bracelets with spikes, wristbands.
  • Metal large rings with skulls.
  • Pins of various sizes and in large quantities.
  • The suspenders, by all means dangling (sometimes up to the knees).
  • Bright ties (worn with tops and T-shirts).
  • Chains, collars.
  • A variety of icons with bold images.

Make up

Easy option

  • As for the eyes, it is usually used a black pencil or eyeliner. The contour should be thick. If he is careless, it's not scary.You can also use black or dark gray shadows. Want something bright? Then take a shade of bright color, for example, pink, green or blue.
  • The lips should be bright and sexy, so use burgundy, hot pink, red, plum or purple lipstick or gloss.
  • Blush is not used, which creates the effect of pallor, which also emphasizes style.

Create your own creative punk style wardrobe!

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