Amazing garden, where trees and bushes turned into cats!

Can you imagine such a picture? You walk along the alley of stunningly landscaped English garden. And suddenly, turning a corner, you see a huge, green cat lying on the ground, resting near the lake.

These amazing green cats can be seen in almost all of England.

The author of this miracle is the British surrealist painter Richard Saunders. He creates these wonderful cats from thick bushes and trees. One day he saw in the photo trees, cut in the form of clouds. Then he had the idea to create images of cats from bushes and trees.

Despite the fact that all the sculptures look different, the prototype for them is the favorite cat of the artist named Tolly, a Russian blue breed, who recently died.

Sometimes it is even difficult for him to convince people who have looked at this miracle that these are not real cats, but trimmed bushes and trees.