Appendicitis: where it is, signs and symptoms, surgery and diet

In the article we will understand where is appendicitis, consider the symptoms of inflammation in adult women, men and children. Appendicitis is a critical inflammation of the appendix - appendage of the cecum. This process of 9 centimeters in length is involved in the development of intestinal juice, ensures the secretion of lymphoid cells, which increase immunity and restore the intestinal microflora, damaged by a serious infection.

The influence of these functions of the appendix on the state of the human body is insignificant, but the inflammation of the appendage, which appears for various reasons, is dangerous for humans. To prevent the appearance of undesirable consequences, correct appendicitis diagnosis and removal operation are necessary.

If you do not know the exact location of appendicitis, remember that in almost every person this appendage is located in the lower right abdomen.But there are cases when appendicitis has left placement.

Self-diagnosis of the inflammatory process

To determine the inflammatory process, you can carry out the diagnosis yourself. Using the following tips, you can easily do this. Perform actions as carefully as possible, otherwise aggravate the situation.The information is listed for informational purposes only; remember, self-treatment is dangerous!

  • Use your fingertips to gently press on the right side near the ilium. If during palpation pain increases, the likelihood of appendicitis is high. To fully verify this, conduct a similar procedure on the left side. When inflammation of the appendix pain is negligible or absent.
  • Cough up. When you cough, pain during appendicitis increases. Only cough carefully, otherwise serious consequences can not be avoided.
  • Diagnosis of acute appendicitis can also be done with a slight palm press in the iliac region. Push down to make a delay. If the pain subsides and increases dramatically when you take your hand off, this indicates inflammation.
  • Lie on your left side, as a result, the pain will decrease.If after turning over on the other side pain increases, this is considered the first messenger of appendicitis.

Even if the diagnostic results did not confirm the inflammation of the appendix, be sure to consult a doctor.If an inflammatory process is found, avoid many of the consequences.

The first signs and symptoms of appendicitis in women, men and children

Any disease, be it herpes, cystitis or chickenpox, has symptoms, and appendicitis is no exception. Consider the signs and symptoms of appendicitis in women, men and children. But for a start I will stop on the reasons. As practice shows, not every person inflames this process and this has an explanation.

Causes and forms of appendicitis

Infection factor is a common cause. Acute appendicitis is accompanied by the appearance in the intestine of pathogenic strains of pyogenic bacteria, which under normal conditions act as the inhabitants of the intestine, and acquire a pathogenic character under the influence of internal and external factors. Among them:

  1. Constriction of the lumen appendix, congenital anomalies, foreign bodies, stool and neoplasm.
  2. Defects of blood vessels that feed the intestinal wall.Reduced blood supply to the walls contributes to the appearance of blood stagnation, which leads to necrosis of the appendix.
  3. Slowing down of the walls of the intestine, which is accompanied by abundant mucus formation and enlarged lumen.

In most cases, appendicitis develops in people who suffer from constipation, infectious diseases and ailments of the cardiovascular system. Inflammation occurs in men who abuse alcohol and cigarettes, and in women it is the result of gynecological inflammatory disease. In children, the attack develops against a background of severe angina or congenital constrictions of the cecum.

There is an acute and chronic form of appendicitis. More often, people experience an acute form characterized by severe symptoms. Chronic is rare and has erased symptoms.

Sharp abdominal pain is the main symptom. But there are other heralds of the appearance of the problem. I advise you to read their description.

  • Pain on the navel. The first symptom of acute appendicitis. The pain occurs in the abdomen, not having locations. Pain syndrome is permanent, characterized by moderate intensity and increases during cough.
  • Nausea and vomiting. The composition of vomit includes previously taken food along with bile. If the stomach is empty, it resembles yellow mucus. Vomiting with appendicitis - a response to pain, accompanied by a deterioration of appetite.
  • Temperature increase. Quite often companion of appendicitis fever appears. Body temperature does not rise higher than two degrees, but there are exceptions.
  • Digestive Disorders. Increased intoxication leads to bowel disorder. At the same time, there is frequent urination caused by involvement in the pathogenesis of the bladder. Urine has a dark, saturated shade.

Often, the inflammation of the appendix is ​​accompanied by weak pain, which is complemented by symptoms that are absent from the list above. Pain relievers can help reduce pain.

Operation to remove appendicitis

Treatment of appendicitis is carried out urgently by surgery. The most effective method of surgical treatment is the traditional removal of the appendix, performed by the doctor. Laparoscopic surgery is gaining popularity,It involves removing the appendix through small punctures in the abdominal cavity.

Now you will learn how to perform an operation to remove appendicitis. After reviewing the material, you realize what you will encounter when a misfortune appears. But I hope this does not happen.

Laparotomy surgery

  1. The operation is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia using a special incision. After the procedure of opening the abdominal cavity, the doctor finds an appendix and examines the ileocecal zone. Next, the process is removed into the wound, mobilized and doped, after which the mesentery is dissected.
  2. The doctor puts catgut on the root of the appendix and cuts the process over it. Then special seams are applied, the abdominal cavity is “cleaned” and the wound is sutured. After the operation, the temperature rises for a week.
  3. The first day after the operation, it is recommended to stay in bed, take pain relievers, apply cold to the wound. If there are no complications, it will take no more than two days to restore intestinal motility.
  4. In the absence of disorders, after twelve hours are allowed to eat liquid dishes and drink.After the operation, a special diet is not envisaged, but it is recommended to return gradually to the traditional diet.

Laparoscopic surgery

Standard surgery is extremely painful. But she has an alternative. Modern equipment helps to remove the appendix through the mouth or vagina.

  • Instruments are fed through the mouth to the point of operation. The surgeon makes a tiny hole and penetrates the abdominal cavity. Next is the removal of the appendix, but the seams do not impose.
  • This method of treatment of appendicitis has several advantages, including: a small postoperative period, speed recovery, low probability of complications, discharge from the hospital after a few hours.
This material is for informational purposes only. Do not forget about the health and future well-being of man. Only an experienced surgeon will qualitatively remove the appendage and provide a quick recovery.

Diet after appendicitis removal

After the operation and removal of the appendix for a certain period, it is recommended to adhere to a special diet, otherwise there will be complications.Not every patient adheres to the doctor's instructions and changes personal taste preferences. And this is against the background of the fact that to follow a similar diet is easy.

Surgical intervention for the body severe stress. As a result, internal reserves are used, which helps to easily abandon the usual food. In the future, the diet becomes diverse.

Only units comply with this diet. As a result, many people who have undergone surgery have experienced prolonged wound healing and complications related to the functioning of the digestive system. This can be prevented by following the rules of nutrition.

  1. Eat small amounts of food. The pause between meals should not exceed three hours. Thanks to this approach, the digestive system functions by the clock, which has a good effect on well-being.
  2. If you can not often cook food, pay attention to the baby puree. With it, you can quickly eat at any time. Since there is no fish and meat to be eaten within a month after the operation, such food will provide the body with calories.
  3. During the week, give up the use of fiber.According to nutritionists, at this moment it is better to satisfy hunger with dishes that do not require the use of bread. It is about vegetable purees and low-fat broths.
  4. Flour products enter into the diet three decades after the removal of appendicitis. Not everyone comes to fulfill this rule. If you experience such difficulties, replace the sweets with jelly or fruit puree.
  5. The diet has a drawback. It is about the need to count calories. Thanks to such calculations, the body replenishes the reserve of forces and functions normally.
  6. Calculating the number of calories, consider lifestyle and other parameters. Do it yourself is problematic. Turning to a nutritionist for help, there will be a solution to the problem instantly.
  7. To the daily diet did not consist of a set of mashed potatoes, I recommend that you plan in advance what to eat. Bean cultures are allowed to eat a quarter after the operation. So forget about pea soup.

If you break the power mode, serious problems will occur. If you eat a plate of tasty borscht or a portion of lettuce filled with mayonnaise, take a preparation that improves fermentation.The next day, the bowel as much as possible unload, otherwise the digestive system will get a serious blow.

What you can eat after appendicitis

When a person is removed appendicitis, he is recommended to follow a diet. The use of certain products slows down the healing process and contributes to the development of complications. The increased formation of gases leads to stretching of the intestines and seams, as a result, pain appears.

The question is whether after appendicitis there are certain products that were included in the diet before the operation, many people are concerned. I cannot consider all the answers, but I can give a little attention to the most popular questions.

Is it possible after appendicitis:

  • Drink alcohol. Along with the blood, alcohol enters the organs and tissues and has a negative effect on them. If we consider that after the operation the tissues are depleted, the effect of alcohol is detrimental. Therefore, it is better to forget about alcohol.
  • To smoke. After surgery, the doctor expects the wound to heal quickly. In smokers, this process is slower, because nicotine worsens the flow of blood to the capillaries. Therefore, give up cigarettes before removing stitches.
  • Bananas. In the postoperative period, it is recommended to eat fruits, and bananas are no exception. From them, prepare mashed potatoes, which will saturate the body with useful substances and strengthen the immune system.
  • . It is undesirable to use this frothy drink after the operation, otherwise the seams will disperse. Drinking a drink contributes to the formation of gases that irritate the stomach and tighten muscles.
  • In the bath. Bath stimulates the regenerative functions of the body, but in the absence of postoperative inflammation. Visiting the bath is recommended after full tightening of the seams.
  • Sweet. Any sweet foods, including chocolate, biscuits, candy and other delights, are allowed after the wound has healed. Sugar prevents rapid healing.
  • Yogurt. Immediately after surgery, it is recommended to use low-fat, homemade yogurt, which does not contain sugar. This fermented milk product is rich in trace elements that contribute to the rapid tightening of the seam.
  • . Concerning the use of coffee there are no restrictions. At the same time, coffee increases blood pressure and increases the pulse. Another drink causes diarrhea. It is better to consult a doctor about the use.
  • . Allowed to enter into the diet during the first week after surgery. Eat boiled soft-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. It is better to refuse steep eggs, as they cause constipation.
  • Do sport. A person undergoing surgery should avoid heavy physical activity during the quarter. But you can do physical education. The main thing is that the training program does not include exercises that affect the muscular group of the abdominals.

I shared information about the location of appendicitis, considered the symptoms of inflammation of the appendix, described the surgical technique and paid attention to what is after removal of the process.

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