Art Deco Style

Art deco style is chosen by people with sophisticated taste, fans of luxury and exclusive items. Art Deco is especially popular in the creative environment. This style is a combination of several directions - cubism, Empire, ethnic Greek, Egyptian and African motifs, modern and high-tech elements. The combination of these, at first glance, incompatible styles in the interior allows you to get an elegant and elite design.

The main features of art deco

Minimum of smooth lines and roundnesses:

  • Imitation of the sun's rays or a strip in shapes, decoration and decoration.
  • Ornaments, laying the tile with herringbone, zigzag shape
  • Clear geometric lines, reinforced by contours or frames of contrasting colors.
  • The abundance of trapezoidal shapes.
  • The presence of curved lines.
  • Multistage characteristic of Assyrian, Sumerian, and Babylonian architecture.

Materials are only expensive, most natural and exclusive:

  • The tree of the most expensive species, inlaid allowed.
  • Genuine leather of rare animals with the best finish.
  • Glass.
  • Varnished surfaces.
  • Episodic aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Glossy tile.

The range of colors is limited to neutral tones: white, gray, black, brown, silver, beige. Bright colors in art deco are not allowed. The slight presence of deep and muted shades of burgundy, gold, blue and green is allowed.

Art Deco Living Room

The field of activity for the designer in such a living room is limitless. Rounded facades here can be combined with geometric shapes, the furniture of precious wood in combination with metal handles or glass inserts looks gorgeous. The decor encourages extravagant materials, there is no restriction on the use of drawings.

An art deco living room should be predominantly decorated in dark shades. A special nobleness of the interior will bring a beige-brown gamma. Motley colors are unacceptable. The wood and metal, inlaid glass surfaces will be revived.

Furniture should have an unusual shape, ideally, if it is made by hand from rare wood species.In the upholstery and decoration of furniture you can confidently combine incongruous elements. In this style, white upholstery, luxurious throne-like chairs, chic tables with polished worktops are welcomed.

Do not use too many pictures in the living room, but exotic figurines, fancy-shaped table lamps, forged metal elements will come in handy.

Textiles - one of the main decorations in art deco. But the material, color and ornament of curtains, cushions and lampshades on the lamps should be matched to the tone.