Autumn adversity: how to protect health?

With the onset of cold weather, the defenses of our body weaken - temperature drops, piercing wind, sleet and immunity are tested for strength. That is why various chronic diseases become aggravated in the fall, “whine” the joints, fillings fly out, not to mention the common cold ... How to cope with the seasonal scourge and protect your health?
Caution - ice!
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Ice - a threat to the joints!

The first frosts bring many problems to Krasnoyarsk people, especially pedestrians suffer from frost. In icy conditions, any incorrect movement may end in injury. A bad fall and related fractures, dislocations, sprains can lead to serious problems with the joints. The knee and hip joints are often affected. If the person is elderly, injuries are even more dangerous, since the natural restoration of the cartilage tissue of the joints is very slow. In addition, due to the cold weather, short daylight hours, the level of our physical activity decreases markedly, as if we fall into a winter “hibernation”.

With such a sedentary lifestyle, the muscles supporting the joint and relieving part of the load weaken. Because of this, even ordinary daily duties (cleaning the apartment or shopping) can lead to microtraumas of the articular cartilage. Therefore, at the first alarming symptoms, you need to contact specialists. Also try to avoid hypothermia and colds, dress for the weather and strengthen the immune system.

If, after a serious injury, you have already undergone joint endoprosthesis replacement surgery, then in order to get back on your feet, you need a comprehensive approach, which includes: medical massage, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, methods of social and psychological adaptation. The specialistsClinic "Ortosphere"help restore movement in the joint, relieve pain and learn to live with an artificial joint. All staff is highly qualified, has experience in rehabilitation after operations on endoprosthetics and recovery after trauma, treatment of diseases of the spine and joints, and also works with children's problems: birth injuries, dysplasia, scoliosis, etc.The result will not keep you waiting for a long time, because the main goal of any doctor is to get a positive result in the treatment process and return the patient's precious health.