Autumn depression and its consequences for our body

And here comes another autumn: the sun almost does not warm, frequent rains and slush, gray and dull colors around, memories of a warm summer fiddle with the soul, but now it is still very far away ... According to statistics, the autumn blues, or depression, as it is now fashionable call, every fifth person of our planet suffers.

And it is no wonder when, if not in the long autumn evenings, to speculate about the meaning of being and indulge in melancholy. Let's say right away, it is impossible to avoid the autumn depression, but to really fight it!

Why is this happening? Experts say that the autumn blues are triggered by a decrease in daylight and climate change, at this time the restructuring of the human body begins, its biorhythms change, leading to a decline in mood and strength, to apathy and unwillingness to move on.

And on this, not the most positive background, small life difficulties also arise: a quarrel with a half, the child again behaves badly,the turmoil at work and other difficulties that a person would have solved with his head raised proudly, now he perceives as an unprecedented sort of difficulty.

How to deal with this state? The answer is simple: you need to learn how to rebuild your body so that the process of adaptation to new weather and life conditions is faster and less painless.

It is necessary to understand that the autumn depression does not lead to anything good, it threatens with a transition to a more serious condition, which is accompanied by loss of ability to work, a person loses the meaning of life, feeling like a worthless and meaningless creature.

Such forms of depression are not so easy to cure; compulsory medical intervention is necessary. In order not to reach such unpleasant consequences, let's deal with the elimination of symptoms right now.

Right day

The very first rule for everyone: get rid of the background of depression, direct your thoughts in a positive direction. And in order to get a big charge of positive emotions and energy, overcome drowsiness and meet the dawn, watch the moment of sunrise.

This moment will give you the opportunity to increase the light day, as well as admire the unprecedented colors of nature, which we, unfortunately, see very rarely. In general, try to spend every day at least half an hour on a walk in a park or on the seashore, this can be done even during a break at work, but on weekends you should try to get out of town or nature.

It is necessary to use every sunny and fine day sensibly, try to admire the richness and colors of the autumn nature, because autumn is a particularly beautiful time, not for nothing that many poets and writers of the world celebrate it.

Alone with myself

If you feel that lately you have accumulated too many unsolved problems and issues that oppress you and bother you, then you need to give them due attention.

Highlight the evening when no one will bother you, make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, and write down on the sheet all the problems and trivia that disturb you.

Then take a look at your list, appreciate the depth of your experiences, think about what you need to do in order to feel comfortable.It is much easier to start acting when goals are clearly marked.

"My home is my castle!"

Another good way that helps to improve the mood in the fall is a change in the home environment. It is in autumn that the awareness of the everyday life of the surrounding things gets aggravated, especially at home.

Struggle with depression help bright colors, so try to surround them yourself from all sides, make sure that you always have red and yellow fruit on your table, such as oranges, apples or bananas. As for changing the situation, then think, maybe you need a new coffee table or sofa, change the old curtains to new and light ones, this is another good way to increase the light in your life.

Change all towels to bright and positive, sleep in colorful and cuddly pajamas, drink tea from colorful mugs. Or maybe you should buy a home flower in a bright pot, which, by the way, can fit into your new decor.

Develop and develop again!

Do not forget that you are, first of all, a person, and it's never too late to develop yourself! Just the same, it is very useful and even necessary! Try to remember long-forgotten hobbies, which always brought you only positive emotions.

In general, it has long been proven that people who know how to properly distribute their free time, suffer the blues much less often or do not even know what it is.

And the thing is that they are always busy with something, and half of these cases are pleasant for them. Maybe you drew well, played a musical instrument, like to photograph or are fond of handmade.

It's time to recall the old hobbies, as well as acquire new ones. Maybe you have long dreamed of pulling up a foreign language or you wanted to sign up for driving courses, do not wait for an opportunity, but go there right now!

"In a healthy body healthy mind!"

From depression you can escape, and in the literal sense of the word! During sports, the metabolism improves, the body is more rapidly saturated with oxygen, which has a beneficial effect on the brain.

The main thing is to choose the direction that you like, so as not to force yourself to go to each workout, but rather to go there with pleasure. The choice of sports clubs and clubs is so great that everyone can find something of their own: dancing, strip plastic, swimming, figure skating, martial arts, yoga or gym.

Not only will you pull up your figure, so also improve your psychological state. By the way, here it is possible to carry employment or occupations by sex, as is known, this process stimulates development of hormones of endorphin which promote a relaxation and to good mood.

What can you do in the fall?

Make a list of cases that you would like to do in the near future, they should bring you pleasure, and individual items should be performed regularly, for example, such as sports and skills development. Cases can be the most banal, but interesting to you: going to the movies with friends, studying with children, helping parents in the garden, going shopping and so on.

Every day, take at least a few items from the list, and you will not have time to look back, as for all the many activities and beautiful surrounding things, you have forgotten what the autumn depression is. One more important point - drive away bad and sad thoughts, it will definitely not become easier from them, and getting rid of them will only give you a plus.

You can even use a psychological trick - wave your hand and say out loud “Not mine!”. Do not be surprised, this is a very good way, the main thing is to believe it!

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