Bead Cactus

Bead CactusPlants are our most loyal friends. Some people love them so much that they plant real greenhouses at home, while others cannot spend five minutes on caring for flowers. But you want so much that the house is decorated with green handsome. Today we will hold a master class and teach you how to weave cacti from beads. Suitable even for beginners!

We combine business with pleasure - we do crafts from beads with our own hands and enjoy the process itself. In addition, this thing can not only decorate the interior, but also give to relatives and relatives. Such a plant will store a part of your love and care, and perfectly raise the mood in a difficult moment. So, we proceed.

How to make a cactus from beads

Method number 1

Weave will be circular French technique. It is very convenient for making large leaves and petals. The weaving scheme looks like this:

How to make a cactus from beads

For weaving, we use Chinese beads - this is the most optimal option for price and quality. Its heterogeneous beads create a very interesting texture, in contrast to the more expensive "ideal" in size beads.Use expensive Polish or Japanese beads makes sense if you are making a product for a gift.