Bee venom: useful properties, treatment, contraindications

Bee venom is a clear liquid with a viscous consistency. Its distinctive feature is the tart flavor of honey and a bitter aftertaste.
The preparations have an instant powerful anti-inflammatory effect, the active substances of the poison quickly penetrate the skin and affect the immune and endocrine systems of the body.In order to achieve better absorption, the skin should be washed with warm water, and a cream or ointment should be applied with a thin layer. Then rub the drug in a massaging motion for a few minutes.
When treating with bee venom, a significant decrease in blood pressure occurs, the blood flow increases, the hemoglobin level increases. The main diseases with which he will help to cope:
- hypertension;
- atherosclerosis;
- diseases of the cardiovascular system;
- radiculitis, myositis, osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthrosis, rheumatism, neuralgia, stretching of various origins.
There are also positive results in the treatment of bronchial asthma, inflammation of the facial and auditory nerves, migraines, and Graves' disease. The treatment can be carried out not only with preparations made on the basis of bee venom, but also with a natural product - during the course of stinging painful areas.Drugs that are based on bee venom, belong to the group of anesthetics and analgesics. They can be used only for local external use.
Due to the fact that bee venom is present in a large amount of amino acid, under its influence the hormone of joy is actively produced - serotonin. In addition, the composition contains substances that reduce cholesterol, dilates blood vessels and absorbable blood clots. This natural product promotes the formation of red blood cells, while the hemoglobin levels in the blood are improved.
Bee venom stimulates the adrenal glands, which activates the production of cortisol. This strong hormone is responsible for the anti-inflammatory mechanisms of the body, which is especially necessary for gout and arthritis.
As a result of the interaction of the product with the skin surface, powerful stimulation of the nerve endings occurs, as a result of this, blood circulation increases, and the metabolism in the place of application improves markedly.
Bee venom is often recommended for those suffering from urolithiasis. It is proved that it helps to significantly reduce blood clotting, which is very important at the risk of stroke or heart attack.
There are certain contraindications for the use of bee venom:
- tuberculosis;
- oncology;
- the presence of purulent processes in the acute stage;
- with problems with the functioning of the kidneys and liver;
- individual intolerance to bee products.
In any case, treatment with preparations containing bee venom should begin only after consulting a doctor. With special care, these drugs are prescribed to children and the elderly. When treating pregnant and lactating mothers, the question of starting to use only after the end of lactation is considered, if the cases are urgent, the perceived risk should be minimized.