Bow with stamens

Like many needlewomen, I love to create. Especially inspired by those masterpieces, the production of which takes as much time as possible. As they say work is rewarded by the result. That's about such a master class, I would like to show you. I decided to somehow make a small gift to my niece - an unusual flower-shaped bow. For its production, I needed the following materials:  I needed the following materials
- 2.5cm wide satin ribbon. By the way, I used the tape in purple, but the flash on the camera decided that it was better for him to be blue. - pencil, ruler, scissors; - lighter. With it, I set fire to the candle - it turns out much more economical; -picks. I simply collected all the remnants that were in my briefcase. First of all I decided to prepare all the components of the future bow. To do this, cut the ribbon into 5cm segments.
 cut the ribbon
I took about 100 petals to the bow. The most laborious and monotonous process begins - the formation of a petal.Each segment should be cut from one edge in a semicircle.
 should be cut from one edge
Now the most important thing. The rounded edge of the petal should be slightly heated on the fire, and gently try to stretch in different directions. It is better to first make one side and then the other.
 make one side
Take the bottom edge. Its corners need to be overlapped with the front sides inward and solder the lower edge on the fire. We get such an interesting petal.
 interesting petal
I decided not to interrupt work at the crucial moment, to make petals from all segments.
crucial moment
I decided to place stamens in a couple of petals.
put stamens
Somewhere it happened on a pair, somewhere more. Getting to the assembly of the flower itself. For this we use two mugs of leather with a diameter of 5 cm. We glue the first row of ordinary petals with a glue gun on the edge from 0.5 to 1 cm.
The second layer also consists of regular petals, but you need to paste it between the petals of the first rows, as if in a checkerboard pattern.
 like in a checkerboard pattern
The third and fourth row are glued in the same way. The main rule is not to move them to the center. In other words, the diameter of the middle should be the same in both the first and fourth row. Thanks to such a move, the petals in the last rows, because of their size, create additional volume, and the bow is lush.
 the bow turns out lush
 the bow turns out lush
Begin to glue the middle. The fifth row of glue is no longer upward, but to the base. For better mounting, you can put a drop of glue on the bottom of the back side of the petal and glue it to the wall,derived from previous rows.
The next row is filled with petals with stamens.