Brigitte Bardot criticized the statements of actresses about harassment

Brigitte Bardot joined Catherine Deneuve, criticizing the scandal of sexual harassment in Hollywood. And the legend of French cinema made even sharper. In an interview with Paris Match, she accused American colleagues of hypocrisy, and called their confessions ridiculous, absurd and not worthy of attention.

“The actresses themselves flirt with the producers to get the part,” said Brigitte Bardot. "And then, to get everyone to talk about themselves, they admit that they were harassed. In fact, this situation hurts everyone more than it helps. ” “I myself have never been a victim of harassment,” said an 83-year-old actress, a sex symbol from the 1950s and 1960s. - I liked it when they called me beautiful, or they said that I have a cool little ass. These compliments were pleasant to me. ”