Buying a minitractor

I decided to buy a minitractor for my small farm, because it is very unprofitable to rent equipment every time. Advise where you can buy high-quality minitractor at a normal price?
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I advise you to look at the Russian-made mini tractors, since the repair and maintenance of domestic equipment is several times cheaper than foreign. Online shopping is now enough, determine and order.
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What is the purchase budget? If money is not a question, then you can fork out and take the Japanese model. And if the budget is limited, then of course, choose something from domestic brands or brands from neighboring countries. Here, for example, here you can buy a minitractor. By the way, there are some good Chinese models. The choice is yours.
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Alternatively, you can consider buying a used \ mini tractors. I would not advise you to take a Chinese mini tractor, it is better to buy second-hand, but the Japanese, for example, have good models from Mitsubishi.The internet is full of offers.