Cable tie-clips: which one to choose?

The use ofcable tiesto tie up electrical wires is a standard technical solution when laying power supply lines, installing telecommunication cabinets, fixing decorative lights, and car wiring. Choosing a decent fastener that is visually similar among different manufacturers is quite difficult.

The only faultless criterion is practice.

cable tie-screed

Figure 1. Dimensions and appearance.

Which cable ties are chosen in Russia?

Products of the Russian plant "Ekoplast" stands out among the apparently similar products with several basic advantages.

• The design, which was developed jointly with German engineers, is distinguished by a reliable lock (a one-way device, eliminating the weakening of coverage due to the back slip of thecable clamp).

Tie cable ties ECOPLAST

Figure 2. The device cable lock.

• Compliance with technology and regular laboratory testing of strength characteristics according to the method of American technologists. • High-quality Polyamide 6.6, known as nylon, from European and American suppliers (“low-cost” polyethylene used by some unscrupulous manufacturers reduces the cost of but does not provide a secure fit.)

The question of whichcable tiesare preferable to is clearly decided in favor of nylon clamps - ties made in Russia. Their price is lower, and the quality is comparable with the products of world brands.

Why are Ekoplast plastic cable clamps made of nylon?

Nylon combines properties that are optimal for attaching cables and wires in different operating conditions and climatic zones: • dielectric strength - 25 kV / mm; • moisture absorption - less than 0.8%; • thermal stability - up to 280 ° C; • low specific weight - 1.13 g / cc; • tensile strength - over 82 MPa; • chemical resistance to oils and derivatives of petroleum products;• elasticity.

The absence of halogen compounds and incombustibility make it possible to use acable clampmade of nylon in rooms with a special fire safety regime.It should be noted here that for certain strict requirements, including for the Flame-Resistant Cable Line, the use of metal screeds is often required, which are also in the ECOPLAST product range.

Volgograd city Figure 3. Business - the centers, the airports, medical institutions - these are buildings with the special mode of fire safety.

Open-air polyamide screeds are able to maintain strength and flexibility for 10 years with temperature differences from -40 to +80 degrees.

What plastic cable ties are presented in the catalog?

The variety of polyamide grades and additives that regulate the properties of polymers predetermine the existence of several groups of this type of fastener. Foreign manufacturers ofcable tiesare rarely present in the full range.

Significant localization of production in Russia allows Ekoplast to use factory capacity flexibly, maintaining sufficient stocks for the main articles of allnylon hose clamps: • for standard operating conditions ranging from 2.5x60 to 10x600 and a girth diameter from 2 to 150 mm; • non-burning (FR),with reduced smoke generation - for public premises with a special fire safety regime (flammability class V-0); • cold-resistant (LT) - for use outdoors at temperatures from -60 to +90 degrees; • blackcable clips(BL) - with increased resistance to UV light; • with labeling plate - for identifying individual harnesses; • color - as markers of various cable bundles; • with mounting hole - for fixing to cable or building structures using m etizov.

cable tie-screed with mounting hole

Figure 4. Clamp with mounting hole.

The catalog contains mounting bases with a self-adhesive base and a hole,which cable tiesare attached to smooth surfaces and plasterboard walls.

Nylon ties: for the airport, business center, summer house

Full nomenclature and budget prices due to lower logistics costs are not the only advantages over foreign counterparts, allowing to use Ecoplast products in large-scale municipal and commercial projects.The plant is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, and also has Russian certificates of the Gosstandard, fire and sanitary-epidemiological service.Nylon clamps - ties, along with other flagship products, which received the European CE quality certificate, gained access to the EU market.

ECOPlast screeds everywhere ... Fig. 5. Non-core use of cable clamps.

But the demand for such fasteners is confirmed by the non-core use ofcable tiesmade of polyamide for fastening advertising banners, car wheel covers, awnings, packing goods, tying up plants in the summer cottage.

Quality products are needed everywhere!