Can you be happy without having a lot of money

For cozy blankets and candles, recipes of high-quality pastries and herring sandwiches on black bread, many do not see that the essence is different. Absolutely any “tutorial on happiness” teaches love and respect for yourself. Those who can do it successfully coped with the extraction of happiness and before the mass hobbies of Hyugge. And those who do not understand how it is to think about themselves, to truly respect themselves, and not to be forgotten once a week with an ice-cream bucket and a TV series, so they will support the senseless consumption of Ikea candles, seriously considering that the flavor is sure lavender will make them happy, since vanilla and orange did not help. Or maybe it would be better if you eat your usual 900 g of ice cream under a warm blanket of large mating?

The idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle also works. For some reason, they are endlessly searching for new jars: they will order new vitamins, they will buy flax seeds, they will mix in a hemp protein cocktail, or even all the supplements on the list will get them,recommended in any community of stubborn lovers to spend half the salary on incomprehensible powders in a beautiful package. And all the happiness is not! Health for some reason also does not increase. Even the edema is still in place, despite the complicated regimen of taking super-draining plant pills from triphala.

Can you be happy without having a lot of money

Others buy their cheap bikes and sweatshirts at a discount and are very satisfied. About the alternation of power and cardio loads, they never heard. It is too lazy to monitor specialized communities in search of suitable dietary supplements or “super training for the perfect body” schemes. They just ride a bike, and they feel good. Because they intuitively understood that a healthy lifestyle was created for them, and not they for a healthy lifestyle. And such lucky people didn’t care for expert recommendations - they themselves long ago put out a personal training formula and nutrition plan, simply because they were used to listening to themselves and trusting themselves.

People on our planet are unhappy, and, according to experts, unhappy every year will become more and more. The incidence of depression, severely treatable pain syndromes with an unknown cause and eating disorders increases.

This suggests that we do not know how to be happy, although our organisms are trying very hard: they transfer repressed experiences from the psyche to the bodily sphere - that’s the pain for you, please cope; suggest consolation of unlived emotions in abundant desserts - here and eating disorders.

And manufacturers of various products are well aware of this. Therefore, they are ready to offer not only candles, blankets, ice cream, a million unnecessary trinkets that lift the mood for fifteen minutes, but also drugs that you will unsuccessfully treat your blues, each time returning for a new product, because the previous ones did not help. Writing off the feeling of unhappiness to very specific health problems is a very profitable strategy for manufacturers of dietary supplements and drugs with unproven efficacy.

"Dystonia?" It's all from vitamin B deficiency! Take two tablets of our magic potion per day, and everything will pass "- this is how the advertising of most" fuflomycins "looks like. And it works: a person buys, experiences a brief uplift of mood due to the release of dopamine in the brain, which creates positive reinforcement. The brain wants more.And the person directly feels how the pills began to work, although they have not yet entered the body. Wonderful! So, we take two more packages, and those greenbacks, and those effervescent ones. This is how ideal consumers are created who clearly feel that “everything helps them.”

Can you be happy without having a lot of money

Then they form unhealthy fixation on the pharmaceutical industry novelties. They consider themselves pumped "biohackers", because without hesitation they can list all nootropics, call the daily dosage of meldonia "to improve efficiency", joyfully tell anyone about the vital microelements and minerals like chromium, zinc or selenium, which you need to buy here and take it like that, otherwise death is certain. In severe cases, such patients begin delirium on the theme of a worldwide conspiracy of doctors: they are supposedly not in a hurry to give out precious information about the extract from green buckwheat or fat of a young capybar, and it is these remedies that help to gain health, happiness and eternal life!

The abundance of drugs with unproven efficacy leads to another problem. A doctor who does not have enough time to talk,examination and examination (and this situation exists in almost any city clinic), can go the easy way and prescribe "fashionable" pills for no reason, simply because the patient wants them to discharge them, but "there will be no harm"

So begins the problem, the scale of which is difficult to overestimate. It is called “underdiagnosis”, that is, insufficient efforts of the doctor to clarify the nature of the disease. If you came to the reception with complaints of night cramps in your legs and right there, without sensible examination and examination, you received the advice “to drink calcium and magnesium” - this is underdiagnosis. If you are concerned about recurrent anxiety, palpitations, there are pre-unconscious conditions, and the doctor quickly recommends a course of Eleutherococcus and vitamins and nothing more - this is also underdiagnosis.

Magic pills that help "from everything" and replace the conversation with the doctor and examination, alas, does not happen. And I see that the desire of the patient to take a huge amount of advertised questionable medicines is the same desire to “hack” the system and find peace with minimal effort, just like trying to buy a fifth cozy blanket or order a box of scented candles for hygge for the action.The problem of overconsumption is systemic: it involves not only manufacturers of various junk, but also disturbing patients, as well as physicians who have burned out from the wild flow of patients, who are happy to appoint another “fuflomycin” simply because it will reduce the time of communication with another visitor.

Can you be happy without having a lot of money

How to overcome this problem? Probably, the solution should be at the system level: from revising the health care organization in our country to informing people that their health is not only multi-colored pills that they are advised on television without a doctor's prescription. What a good state of health consists of annual surveys, quitting smoking, physical activity, quality food, psychological comfort ...

What you can do for your happiness now is to finally respect your needs and listen to yourself. Do you want to eat breakfast in the morning or do it only out of habit, without feeling hunger? You drink the third cup of coffee before noon because you want to feel the taste and aroma of the drink, or you do not even have time to realize it and you need a new “arrival”,because you didn't get enough sleep again? What physical activity would make you truly happy? No, not from the point of view of “in which gym do you get the most beautiful photos for instagram”, but really? A dialogue with oneself begins with these questions. From the idea of ​​"hacking" your body will not work. An effective way is a permanent work on health. The good news is that pretty quickly it starts to bring real pleasure. This is the secret of happiness.