Chic and stylish summer coat

Summer is an excellent time for light and flying fabrics, which are comfortable even in the most scorching heat. But the weather is so changeable that a cool day or evening may come suddenly, and in this case in your wardrobe should be appropriate clothing. But stylists unanimously argue - the time of bombers, warm sweaters and trench coats in the past, at the height of fashion, summer coats.

Due to its versatility, this element of the wardrobe is successfully combined with both business-style clothing and elegant evening dresses.

Fashion trends

Before choosing a summer trench for yourself, it is worth paying attention to the main fashion aspects.

  • The most popular in the season of summer 2016 are models with a straight silhouette and an English cut, a round neck, no collar and retro style. This style provides the ability to wear a light scarf. A classic example of such a summer coat are the Chanel Fashion House models.

Not for nothing that this style is preferred by one of the most famous women of fashion in Britain - the prince's wifeWilliam, Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton.

  • Another feature of the coat are the fabrics from which they are sewn. It can be silk, cotton or even a thin knit crochet. Such a thing will introduce a bit of romance into the image and will emphasize your attractiveness. Knitted things will be appropriate in ensembles for recreation, but silk, jacquard and satin will suit the office bow.
  • If you want to be in a trend, then choose models on the lock with a ¾ sleeve.
  • Refuse minimalism, in the fashion feminine images created with the help of floral and oriental prints, guipure and various elegant decor.

Among the popular and stylish styles every woman will find the perfect option.

  1. Oversize. Model of straight, wide cut, which looks the most advantageous in beige color.
  2. A-form, O-form. If everything is clear with the classic A-silhouette (extended in the hips), then the O-shape is rather unusual. Outwardly, such a coat resembles a keg, and designers claim that it will definitely become popular. But girls with lush thighs better to give it up.
  3. Classic with a large decor (buttons, patch pockets, lapels, belts).

Successful images

Fashionable light coat is an excellent basis for experimenting with images.

  1. For business events with a strict dress code, suit-cases and a coat of fabric of a similar quality and shade are suitable. This set will make the image at the same time restrained, but not devoid of femininity.
  2. Color models will look beautiful with narrow jeans and trendy sleeves and moccasins. Thus, your casual-style acquires a touch of individuality.
  3. Under the summer coat, bound by your own hands, fit a short monophonic dress.
  4. Oversize models can be worn with boyfriend jeans, which will help create a rather daring image. Also suitable skinny and leggings of different colors in the company with monochrome tunics or long blouses.
  5. Coat with sleeves ¾ harmoniously looks only with shoes with heels. A platform and shoes at low speed make the ensemble very rough. Under the bottom you can wear a light dress without sleeves, but make sure that it is not longer than the top.
  6. The classic version in the style of Chanel always remains relevant. With what to wear it? In the case of a mono-colored top, you can let a sheath dress with a noticeable print, and if you choose a coat of bright color, then the best “companion” will be monochrome clothing.

Another successful ensemble: a coat + straight trousers + a classic blouse tucked into trousers under a belt. This image will always look elegant.

Summer coat - the original and special detail of women's wardrobe. With proper combination with other elements of clothing, you have the opportunity to significantly diversify your style.

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