DAB Circulation pumps: maintenance, possible malfunctions and solutions

Circulating pumps from the famous Italian brand DAB, which are presented, practically do not need maintenance. But in order to prevent malfunctions of various kinds, you must adhere to certain rules of operation:

  • The pump should not work in an empty system.
  • The device must work within the allowed operating range.
  • If the pump is used extremely rarely, it should be turned on for about 10 minutes approximately once a month.
  • The temperature of the liquid to be distilled must not exceed the permissible limits.

Pump Maintenance

For a stable and high-quality pump operation, you need to monitor the condition of the circulation pumps. Maintenance of devices consists in the following manipulations:

  • It is necessary to prevent the formation of noise and vibrations.
  • Every six months, it is advisable to check the correct operation of the devices according to its characteristics.
  • It is advisable to check the absence of excessive heating of the motor.
  • If necessary, lubricate the threaded part of the elements.
  • Watch for possible leaks in the joints.

Possible malfunctions and ways of their elimination

DAB D 50 / 250.40 M circulation pumpDespite the fact that DAB circulators are high-quality and reliable devices with a long service life, malfunctions are still possible. Among the most common are the following problems:

  • When turned on, the circulation pump does not work correctly: the shaft does not turn. The cause of this malfunction may be the oxidation of the shaft or a foreign object that blocks the work. To eliminate the causes, you need to remove the engine with the shaft and rotor and turn the wheel by hand. If there is a foreign body, you need to remove it and to prevent such situations, you can put a filter.
  • In case the device does not turn on completely, check the power and fuse if it is provided in the model.
  • The device is unstable: it stops after switching on and short work. A possible cause of a malfunction may be lime deposits. Repair is to clean the system from scale. To do this, you need to dismantle the device's engine.
  • When you turn on the pump, there is a lot of noise. This occurs when an accumulation of air has formed in the heating system. To resolve this issue, it is enough to lower it using a special valve.
  • Vibration is present during operation - bearing replacement is required.

It is worth noting that all such faults with DAB pumps occur only with improper maintenance or inappropriate installation.

To solve these and other possible problems, it is better to contact the specialists, because poor-quality repairs can lead to the formation of more serious problems in the operation of DAB circulation devices.