Is the Clarisonic Miracle Brush or a Useless Bauble?

Clarisonic There are a lot of rumors about this miracle brush: some people adore it and no longer represent the daily care of a person without it, someone thinks it is overrated and even harmful in some way. In any case, there are not so many indifferent to it, but there are plenty of those who use it incorrectly, which is why they have a million skin problems. We figure out whether a miracle brush is so wonderful, whether to buy it, plus give some useful tips on using it.

Do I need a miracle brush?

The first brush appeared in the United States, and it was created by five fellow scientists who had previously invented an electric toothbrush. In Russia, Clarisonic has become possible to purchase not so long ago - from the end of 2013, and already then, despite its high cost, the beauty gadget began to be popular. Beauticians compare the effect of the miracle brush with professional face brushing, but not as deep as in the salon.

Not figuring out how to use the brush, and without studying contra-indications, girls one by one acquired a novelty and experienced its properties.Someone was lucky: Clarisonic did not cause irritation, everything was well cleaned, gently removed the keratinized particles, make-up remnants, exfoliated, performed soft massage and significantly improved the condition of the face. Whoever was unlucky, those after several uses of the aural accessory rushed to get rid of the brush, as their face was covered with acne, a rash, irritations and many other problems. Why? The fact is that, like salon brashing, Clarisonic face cleansing is not for everyone. She has contraindications, and serious ones, and there are quite a lot of them.

Clarisonic is not recommended for girls:

- with sensitive skin, because the brush will only scratch it, cause irritation and ruin the whole look;

- with problem skin, since any skin during acne becomes especially sensitive, which will trigger the appearance of new acne, and will also injure old ones, which then leave traces in the form of scars;

- with rosacea, because the capillaries and blood vessels will be injured, making the face red;

- with loose and thin skin, because the brush effect will only intensify the problem and will not contribute to a complete cleansing of the face.

Clarisonic can use:

- Only owners of oily and porous skin, combination skin with comedones and blocked pores, as well as normal and dry skin (but here the brush will not be as effective, and you can easily do without it, limited to the usual means of cleansing).

You should also remember how often you can use a brush to cleanse the face, and it depends on the skin type:

- dry and normal - 1 time per month;

- combined - 1 time in 10 days;

- Fat - 1-2 times a week.

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Do not use Clarisonic twice a day, as written in the instructions. Not even the thickest skin can withstand such a global hardware cleaning, except like a hippopotamus. Those who used the brush twice a day, just the same and noticed all those flaws and damage. They had more lesions, their skin was lifeless, dull, a bit flabby. In general, everything should be in moderation. Just imagine that you go to a beautician to clean the face twice a day - it’s just a skin murder! She begins to defend herself, becoming rougher and thicker, even corns on her face may appear.Salivation increases, the complexion becomes uneven, the pores expand even more, and the skin becomes dehydrated, and it will be very problematic to restore the lipid balance in it. Clarisonic is the same. Despite the fact that care is considered gentle, they can not be abused.

If you use the brush according to all the rules, the procedure really works and gives an amazing result: the relief and color of the skin are leveled, the number of acne and sebaceous plugs decreases, the pores narrow, the skin becomes less oily - it is smooth, clean, well-groomed and radiant. The only time when you can ignore the rule “no more than two times a week” is when you have just acquired a brush. Then yes, you can use it twice a day, but not longer than a week.

Major mistakes when using Clarisonic

The main mistake is, of course, the wrong frequency of use, which we have already described in detail.

Secondly, you use too little cleanser: it should be enough to soften the hairs of the brush and not injure the skin.

Thirdly, in order to get a good cleansing, it is important to use a sufficient amount of water, otherwise the means by which you wash does not work fully.

Fourth, you should never share your Clarisonic attachment with anyone.This is the same, if you use one toothbrush for all family members, it is unhygienic. It is considered, of course, that the apparatus can not spread infection and bacteria, but it is not worth the risk.

Fifth, be sure to wash the nozzles with shampoo or soap to get rid of sebum.

Sixth, do not ignore the cleaning of the device under the nozzle, otherwise there will multiply bacteria that will adversely affect the condition of your skin.

Seventh, aggressive exfoliating agents (scrubs, exfoliants, peels) cannot be used with Clarisonic. You do not need double peeling, you only injure the skin.

Eighth, the nozzle must be changed every three months. The fact is that it accumulates bacteria that are not washed out with shampoo and reduce the effectiveness of the apparatus.

Ninth, before applying the brush, it is recommended to wipe the face with micellar water, and after cleansing, be sure to use a moisturizing lotion to saturate the skin with moisture and enhance the effect of the device.

Tenth, the main part of the brush is removed, and there remains only the middle, which is convenient to clean the nose.

In conclusion, we add that the Clarisonic hardware face cleansing does not replace professional care, peeling and cleansing by a cosmetologist, but only reduces their number.