Coarse calico: everything about the material and its properties

The most common misconception regarding calico, is that it is cotton fabric. In fact, everything is a little different. Coarse calico is not a kind of material, but a way of weaving. Accordingly, the threads from which the coarse calf fabric is woven can be very different in composition. That is why some amateurs to save money get an unpleasant surprise when they buy a package with coarse linen, inside of which there is a fading polyester unpleasant to the touch. So what is a coarse calico? Let's figure it out.

Calico and its varieties

Coarse calico is a cloth, often cotton, made of linen or as it is also called a weave binding. It is characterized by the same number of weft and main ceilings from both the reverse and the front side. This allows the material to look exactly the same from the face and inside. In addition, this weaving gives the fabric strength and high density.The canvas is divided by the density of the weave of threads and strength. The latter indicator is measured in the number of threads per square centimeter and averages from 50 to 80. According to the degree of processing, there are:

  • Calico severe. This is unpainted and unprocessed cream-colored fabric. This canvas has the greatest strength and density. Used for sewing clothing, in footwear and furniture production.
  • Bleached calico. It can also be called a canvas. This is a thinner and delicate fabric from which clothes or bed linen is sewn.
  • Dyed calico. This bleached cloth, painted in one color. Used for sewing table and bed linen, as well as pads for outerwear.
  • Printed sheeting fabric. This is the name of the bleached fabric with a pattern applied on it. They usually sew clothes or linens from it.

On the labels of products of foreign manufacture you can often see the word ranfors, which sometimes puts the buyer in difficulty. You should know that so called cotton coats are customary abroad. Is that it can be somewhat denser than the Russian.

Material Properties

Cotton cloth is especially appreciated by consumers, because it has attractive properties:

  • High hygroscopicity. The fabric perfectly absorbs moisture and subsequently gives it away just as easily, passes air well, which creates the effect of "breathing" of the material. In addition, it perfectly retains heat and allows you to adjust the body temperature of a resting person.
  • Easy to clean. The cloth is well erased, slightly crumpled and perfectly ironed. Modern dyes withstand a large number of washes, maintaining the brightness for a long period.
  • Lack of unpleasant shine, which makes it possible to obtain noble matte fabrics.
  • Hypoallergenic. Bed linen and clothing made from this material are safe for allergies.

The best material for sewing bed linen is luxurious coarse calico. This fabric is medium density, light and soft to the touch. It is produced by several domestic enterprises in accordance with the State Standards, which appeared in Soviet times. It is known that buying a calico from Ivanovo means getting excellent quality at a decent price.The bed linen made from such fabric will give you a good rest and will please you with an attractive appearance.