Compact furniture-transformer for kitchen and bedroom

Furniture-transformer, made by hand, not only allows you to effectively use every inch of space, but also helps to save about a third of the amount that you would spend on buying new furniture.

Small kitchen is a familiar problem. This version of kitchen furniture requires 3 ready-made folding chairs and a table that you can make yourself.

In order to make a transforming table a ready-made kitchen shelf is used, to which an additional table-top with a leg is attached.

How to put on a tiny kitchen and a comfortable desk and dining place, if there is only enough space
on one thing?

The simple construction of two roller-tops on worktops makes it easy and elegant to solve this difficult design dilemma.

Transformer is not always furniture. Suspended wooden breadbasket easily turns into a convenient cutting board.

Here you can safely cut the bread, put away the knife in a special slot and fold the bread box into a neat compact cube.

Such kitchen transformer furniture is convenient when one person lives in the apartment at a time who rarely dines at home. But, if a friend came to visit, it's time to lay the table.

The idea of ​​attaching the table top to the wall near the window proved its practicality. Folding chairs are hardly worth tinkering myself, but the table can be made with your own hands.

A simple and compact solution - if you want, it will become a shelf under the window, and if necessary, this set is transformed into a dining table with chairs.

We continue to appeal to fans of minimalism. This bed, recessed into the podium, creates in the bedroom the illusion of clean free space, typical of Japanese interiors.

Always tormented by the question, where do the Japanese put their belongings if their rooms are half empty. In our case, the spaciousness of the fashion catwalk can compete with a solid wardrobe.

This option is a simple "wardrobe" for students. It can be a screen, if you lower the curtains, or serve for temporary storage of things.

The simple and practical design of such a cabinet-screen deserves the attention of those who want to solve the problem of keeping things with minimal means.

Even a small netbook wonderfully manages to occupy all the space on the table.

If you want to use this table for other purposes, pay attention to this original solution.

Often the furniture with their own hands make of chipboard. But in order that the edge of this furniture turned out neat, you need to use professional expensive tools. Therefore, it is better to order cutting chipboard in the workshop. And then assemble the furniture yourself.

Not always furniture should be made straight from scratch. For the manufacture of such a children's bed with their own hands used two small standard and cheapest chest of drawers. Top and bottom has been attached
sheet chipboard, cut in the workshop

Furniture-transformer is not always complex folding structures, sometimes, they are simple compact structures like this one.

Additional sofas, stools, and a table move under the podium on which there is a workplace with a table and shelves.

A full bed of U-shaped frame of chipboard performs its purpose at night.

In the morning, part of the bed moves under the catwalk, in the other half we fold bed linen.

This set-transformer is suitable for a small room teenager, where you need to manage to place a normal workplace and a bed and leave some space for the same morning exercises.

Simple and comfortable furniture-transformer, carefully made by hand, is able, with the right approach, to solve the complex problems of small rooms.