Congratulations on the Last Call of 2017 from graduates, parents and class teacher - poems, prose and songs alteration. How to congratulate the last call of pupils and teachers - ideas and examples for parents and class teacher


At the end of May, beautiful and touching congratulations to the Last Bell are heard all over the country, dedicated to students and teaching staff of schools. Graduates in verse and prose thank mentors for their knowledge, love and care. Subject teachers and class teachers say kind parting words to their young wards and ask them never to forget what they learned in school. Keep up with teachers and parents.During the festivities, they congratulate children on stage with the completion of an important life stage and wish their sons and daughters to enter universities, make a good career and make all their most beautiful dreams come true.

Short funny greetings to subject teachers from students at the Last Call 2017 in grades 9 and 11

During the celebration of the Last Bell in grades 9 and 11, it is very important not to forget to congratulate the subject teachers on the significant day with a beautiful and fun celebration. Since there are quite a few of these teachers, it’s not worth choosing for them long, too pompous speeches. The format of the event, as a rule, is limited to a certain number of hours and there is a great risk that it will not be possible for everyone to devote a separate volumetric greeting. But to read pleasant short quatrains or say 2-3 good prose phrases, definitely, there will be enough time and none of the teachers will feel offended or forgotten.


To make congratulations for subject teachers look more unusual, you can build them in the form of a separate original number, in which all students of the class will take part.Each of the guys will learn certain words and at the right time with an expression will read them from the stage with light, moving and optimistic music. To enhance the visual effect, greeting phrases should be illustrated with mini-scenes, where graduates will show some funny situations that happen on different subjects. Such a performance will make the most pleasant impression and will remain in the memory of both teachers, graduates and guests of the performance for a long time.


Difficult subject you got, do not hide,
But we will not reveal the secrets big now:
You masterfully taught us everything,
We have learned a lot about algebra!
For the USE we were prepared, not sparing strength.
Now we can do it, now we can do it!
And to you, we “thank you” shout all together
We want to congratulate you with the last bell!


The scientists knew about atoms, the Greeks,
But it would be difficult for them to imagine,
What is the current schoolchildren in this century?
It has been known for a long time that it hides inside. We know that “mole” is NOT an insect,
And the letter "nude" does not make us laugh for a long time,
We learned a lot of words of strangers,
Thank you for trying to teach us!


We studied islands and continents,
Learned a lot about landscapes and land.
Over all these scientific moments
Teacher, thank you doubly!
After all, it is always useful,
When we leave school forever.
Remind only graduation tapes
We will be these young years ...

Merry reworked song to congratulate the teacher on the last bell - texts and videos


Funny, funny song-remake - almost a mandatory attribute of the holiday on the occasion of the last bell. It is very uplifting, creates a joyful atmosphere and causes the most vivid, positive emotions in children and adults. To adapt to the school theme, it is better to choose a well-known work with active, moving music and precise tact. If there are students in the class with strong, well-placed voices and impeccable ear for music, they are assigned the roles of soloists singing the main theme of the verses. The rest of the guys stay on the chorus and join in the performance only during the chorus. A room delivered in this way looks very impressive and brings a pleasant variety to the solemn program of the event.


Alteration on the tune of the song "Kaby was not winter" from the cartoon / "Winter in Prostokvashino"

The bell rang again,
Only we are calm
After all, the last call,
How are we satisfied.
We weaned friends
How beautiful is the phrase
But, time can not be lost,
Do it right away.
School is home to us,
It seems over the years
It was golden time
We went hiking.
On the fizra, a horse stuck,
Blots were drawn,
But tried again and again,
We are not parasites.
So the years went by
We were able to rally,
And today gathered,
Bow low.
For patience, for good,
The main thing for knowledge
You fought to get it,
Thanks for the effort.


Alteration of the motive of the song “It's time to rejoice ...” from the movie “Three Musketeers”

It's time, let's rejoice,
School behind.
Good-bye, baby-desk,
They are waiting for universities ahead!
It is important to head
We will press farewell
We hand to the chest.
It is time, we will rejoice
All of us, finally.
The one in the future is a professor
A poet, a sailor, a blacksmith!
It is important to head
We will say:
Received - and well done!
And if with admission
We will be very lucky,
Let's go to the teacher then
Without unnecessary, we have trouble.


Alteration on the tune of the song “Where childhood goes” from the movie “Fantasies of Vesnukhin”

Where does the school go?
Do you know the graduate?
To teach someone again,
Our teacher is used to it.
And by September is not necessary,
We buy forms,
We are adults guys
But sadness does not stop.

In September and beyond
We do not go to school anymore,
It became even sad
When you sing a song.
Will run guys
Kids want to teach
What for sometime,
Received (only) five.

We will do everything exactly,
In pairs we will go,
But to school, as if on purpose,
For five minutes we will go.
We look in the offices,
The guys, as always,
In the dining room for a chop
With compote, vanity.

In September and beyond
No more going to school
It became even sad
When you sing a song.
Will run guys
Kids want to teach
What for sometime,
Received (only) five.

Native teacher
So want to say
Which are very grateful
What a grace at school.
And even at night dark
A dream lesson,
And I myself am so modest
I could answer all the same!

An example of congratulating teachers on the day of the Last Call on Video is a song-remake on the motive of the work by Egor Creed “The Most, Most ...”

This video clip clearly shows how a funny, funny and funny musical greeting for teachers looks, incendiary and brightly sung by graduates in reality.The popular youth song of the contemporary author and performer Yegor Creed is taken as a basis. Words are altered under the theme of the last call and contain the most sincere and touching words of gratitude to teachers, for many years giving to the children their care, attention and love.

Touching congratulations and wishes to graduates from the class teacher for the Last Call 2017 in verses and prose

The last bell in the final class is a very special and exciting moment for
class teacher. On this day, the teacher forever says goodbye to his beloved disciples, who over the years spent together, he became almost his family. With tears in his eyes, he recalls how they first came to his office after primary school and looked so timid and timid. And now the boys and girls have matured, becoming beautiful, self-confident boys and girls, have gained useful knowledge and are looking to the future with hope. Soon they will go to universities, will begin to build a career, create families and change the world around for the better. But the memory of the beautiful and carefree school years will always live in their hearts.


Looking at the cheerful, smiling faces of their wards, the class teacher is proud and happy that, in addition to knowledge, he managed to instill in the children such important qualities as honesty, compassion, selflessness and the ability to come to the aid of those who need it. In his inspirational and touching speech in honor of the Last Call holiday, the mentor once again congratulates the graduates on graduation and wishes the children to confidently follow their dreams, open new horizons and always remember that humanity, sincerity and kindness are much more important in life than what material wealth, even the most powerful and impressive.


How quickly time flew by
More recently, mom you
With flowers timidly and timidly
Led the pen in fifth grade.

Today I’m not a stranger to you.
And giving a part of the soul to you,
I accompany you with a pain in my heart
In the big life, in the adult world.

And you send me telegrams
About and just like that.
I became your second mom,
And this, children, not a trifle.

I'll worry about you
And from the heart to experience,
And now you promise:
Call me often to write.


Just recently you crossed the threshold of school.And I can not believe that today you are leaving forever its walls. During the years of study I was very used to each of you. You are for me, as my own children, my daughters and sons. I hope you will not forget me and will come to visit. And now I want to wish you a bright road that lies ahead. Spread out your life on the grain, so that the path was strong and durable. Let all your ideas, dreams come true. And the school will forever be remembered as a beautiful time filled with interesting events.


As today I remember that day,
As we met for the first time.
You were so small
And they stood near their mothers.

Years passed very quickly,
You have become quite different -
A series of waiting for you problems
And another life, because matured.

Over the years, everything between us was:
Insults, pain, victories, defeats.
I remember every happy moment
After all, I loved you as my relatives.

I wish you all the plans of embodiment,
So that all your wishes come true!
And remember: wherever you go,
Try with a conscience to make a decision.

Do not bend before life is difficult,
Forward, look proudly you always.
By yourself stay forever
As for me you will remain young.

Beautiful congratulations on the last call from parents to graduates in verses and prose


During the Last Bell celebration, graduates in verse and prose are greeted not only by teachers, but also by parents. Moms and dads in the most reverent and sublime expressions congratulate their daughters and sons on the successful completion of school and the transition to a completely new, more important and responsible stage of life. Young men and girls are willing to confidently move forward, believe in themselves, overcome obstacles and never forget their teachers, who have given a lot of spiritual strength to the children to learn the school curriculum, get special knowledge and remember that in any situation you need to remain honest, compassionate. people, appreciate friendship and not refuse to help the weak and needy.


Be the author of your life, director,
And if you have to, then the best actor,
In the fate of your light path choose
Love selflessly, learn and dream.
Our parent you listen to advice:
Remember your class, it's friendship forever,
And the school will always be in the heart of the mother.
Congratulations on your last call!


Last call ... This is a joyful day, a bright holiday, because today we congratulate you on graduating from school, and at the same time - we just wish that you became adults so quickly! But for us, dear guys, you will always remain your favorite children, whom we wish for a long, happy life today! Let the exams not be a burden, but only emphasize your brilliant knowledge! Let there are many interesting discoveries and victories ahead of you!


Lovely, beloved, our dear,
Matured children quickly became older.
You are now beautiful steel exactly in a row
And tears from afar sparkle burn!

We are crying and laughing today,
And to the cherished dream we'll all touch!
Congratulations on the holiday - let you are lucky,
Desires will come true - with God, everything is flying!

The script of the original congratulations from parents to graduates on the last bell 11 class - an example in the video


Congratulate graduates of grade 11 with the last call can be a variety of ways. For the scenarios, any ideas are suitable, from classical to unusual and creative. One of the most successful holiday greeting options is a music video clip that can be shot on its own.To participate you will need to involve all parents. A few fathers and mothers with good voices will perform as soloists, and the rest will play the role of extras and will sing along with the choruses. The musical greeting will be very colorful and will definitely make the most vivid impression on the children. It will be very pleasant for every son and daughter to see their parents in such an unexpected role and hear from them a touching song of congratulations with a farewell and very good wishes. In the video below you can clearly see how well this beautiful and original number looks.