Cover the button with a cloth

We weave a button with a cloth- a very useful workshop for needlewomen, it will help if you need to give buttons the desired design.

Materials and tools:

  1. button with leg;
  2. fabric;
  3. scissors;
  4. needle and thread;
  5. ruler;
  6. pen.

Step 1

Take a button, put it on the fabric, measure the radius from the leg to the edge of the button. Then, adding this radius, draw a circle around the button on the fabric. Cut a circle out of cloth. &Nbsp;

Stepping back slightly from the edge of the circle, we sew the fabric with wide stitches around the entire circumference, leaving two tails for each.

Step 2

Put a button in the center of the circle of fabric, pull the tails and hold the button, tie the knot. We check with a needle so that the hole on the button leg does not hinder anything. The button is ready.