Credit with bad credit history

How to be a person who needs to take a loan, but he has a negative credit history? Consider for the answer to this question all possible options.

Option number one:the borrower is not to blame for the fact that his credit history has been corrupted. For example, incorrect data was reported by the bank to the credit bureaus. To remedy this situation, it is necessary to immediately contact the appropriate bank, which provided the CII with this information, and write an application for the correction of credit history. If the truth is on the borrower's side, then the bank will be forced to take actions that will correct errors in the history of loans. After that, get a loan will not be a problem.

Option number two:There were delays, moreover, quite recently, but the borrower is not to blame for this (there are documents confirming this). Under this case, suitable force majeure: disease, dismissal, false notice of repayment of the loan. To remedy this situation, it is best to notify the bank of such facts first. It is necessary that the bank employee must know this data not from the CII.It is also advisable to speak with a lender, a bank security officer. It is possible that the bank will issue a loan to this person.

Option number three:the loan history is clear, but a few years ago the client had late payments. In this case, a bank loan will be available only when the computer does not process the application, but the person. Therefore, the client is unlikely to be given a quick loan, but the usual may well be. But for this you will have to talk with a security officer of the bank, telling the reasons for the delay in the past and what has changed now.

Option number four:The client has many delays, even for loans that are still unpaid. This case is the most neglected, it is unlikely to get even the smallest loan. In particular, if, as a response to the reasons for such neglect, the client tells tales of a stolen wallet, deception by several banks at the same time, etc.

The bank can make a positive decision on granting a loan to a client with a bad credit history, but at the same time it will increase the interest rate, the initial installment or require some kind of collateral as an additional guarantee.

Obviously, the negative history of previous loans is not yet a guarantee of the impossibility of obtaining a loan at a bank, because a lot depends on the specific situation, on the characteristics of the bank and on the person himself, his behavior.