Daisies in hosiery

Flowers in hosiery or, as they are called, flowers with muzzles are very unusual and original decoration of your interior. Lovely, funny flowers will please their owners, causing a smile and emotion. Such flowers are also suitable as a gift to your friends and relatives. So, for the manufacture of such flowers, we will need materials such as: -capsule (hosiery) fabric -threads in tone of fabric, needle -scissors -sintepon -glue-artificial flowers-accessories-eyes-flower pot -gips-foam plastic First take sintepon, tear it into small pieces and add it to three equal piles.  sintepon
Now we will wrap the sintepon with the nylon mother alum, giving the shape of a not strongly bulbous ball and fixing the free end of the fabric with a regular hair band from behind.  we will tighten the sintepon with kapron material nylon sintepon Then we take a synthetic winterizer and tear it into two small piles, one slightly larger and distribute it under the fabric of the workpiece. These are the future nose and cheeks of our colors.