Decorations with dark red stones, the most juicy shade of winter

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

Just like a glass of good wine, a dark red wine shade does not hurt us during the cold season. You can choose the dosage and embodiment of the object of desire: it can be a cozy sweater-cloud made of fluffy wool, a dress according to the shape of a British princess, or heavy stones that shimmer in the sun, like the very drink of the gods in a glass. And if the clothes in the clothes are clearly not too summer, then there is no seasonal decoration. If you like sophisticated Gothic jewelry, then look for tartar in pictorial compositions on the theme of flora, and if you like the warm shine of yellow or pink gold, which, by the way, makes the dark red color even more appetizing and tastier, then you will find a whole range for yourself a variety of ornaments - from simple to pompous in the spirit of the 80's.

Brooch with pomegranate and cubic zirconias

We do not at all rejoice that the brooches have returned to fashion again, because the designers of jewelry constantly come up with artistic fantasy images, making each one an unforgettable one.