DIY hand-made hare

Today we will make a very cute bunny from a plate. A hand-made hare, which you can make with your own hands even among the most inexperienced children, can be the goal of the next creative lesson in kindergarten or at home. There is a huge number of ways to make an interesting and unusual bunny

- for example, a hare is worth attention, using paper and a disposable plate with your own hands.

We will make a bunny

We will make a bunny

What you need to prepare in advance for work:

  • two disposable white plates;
  • pink or purple paper;
  • black cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • pink fluffy pompoms;
  • beads or toy eyes;
  • scissors;
  • glue.
 Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

Getting started.

We cut one plate in half, and then cut a narrow strip from each half.The lateral parts left after cutting the strip become the hare's ears.

 Cut the plate

Cut the plate

From the same strip, we cut out two small rectangles - teeth.

From colored paper, cut two narrow ovals and two small circles. Glue the ovals inside the ears.

Putting the bunny face: on the whole plate we glue two colored circles - eyes, in the center of which we fix beads or toy eyes (if desired).

place the pompomchik - nose.

From the black cardboard we cut out six narrow strips - the antennae, glued them next to the nose.

We fasten two teeth to the antennae.

paper, cut the butterfly, decorate it with a pompon.

Glue the butterfly and ears to the muzzle.

Purple Bunny


This is a hare with your own hands for a kindergarten good because the process of working on it is quite simple, which allows for a group lesson. At home, you can continue to create an image and supplement it with your body and legs from disposable plates.In the paws, we give the bunny a cardboard carrot.