Do I need a car?

Every year our life is gaining momentum more and more. We are sorely missing twenty-four hours a day. We are all running somewhere, we are in a hurry, we want to do as much as possible, we are afraid of being late ...

The need to purchase a car

Does a man need a car in such conditions of the modern world? I think most people, without hesitation, will respond positively to this simple question. It is convenient for us to be mobile, not to depend on no one, to plan our time and movement in space on our own, while not dependent on transport and on urban traffic jams. Nowadays, even schoolchildren, whose parents can pamper their children, drive a car, what then can be said about the working population. Every day on the roads more and more women appear - motorists. Almost everyone wants to drive. Having at least one car in a family is already the norm. We can not imagine the rest without a car. In the summer, we can gather the whole family or friends and go out of town to barbecue, in the snowy winter we gather a friendly company in order to go skiing and sledding in the forest.

Universal cars do not exist

To decide which car will suit me, you need to weigh everything very carefully and carefully to come to a favorable decision for yourself and your family. In this question we put a very diverse semantic load - model, color, dimensions, capacity, cost, and much more. All these indicators depend on many factors, such as age, sex, family, children, financial situation and it is impossible to come up with the ideal option. But every year the automotive market is expanding more and more, trying to satisfy every consumer, that it is simply impossible to not find an option for yourself.

Perfect car

Let's take a closer look at this topic from the perspective of the pros and cons of having your own car. Consider the examples. So, a young guy of about twenty, studying at the university, decides to buy himself an old used foreign car. What drives them? With a great deal of confidence, we can assume that he is acquiring a car in order to “look cool” among peers. He earns money for his first car in his free time from studies, and sometimes not in his spare time, since this goal does not leave him for a second.Which car will this guy pick? Most likely, it will be a powerful sports car with rear wheel drive and high fuel consumption, since our character is not particularly concerned with the practicality of the car. Perhaps with age this guy will change his priorities.

The next example is a man of thirty to thirty-five who, in addition to his needs, has another family in the person of his wife, daughters paws, little boy crumbs and of course his beloved mother-in-law. Favorite mother-in-law at the time has no less beloved country six acres, on which she spends all her free time. And you need to be a complete egoist with steel nerves in order to buy a low sports two-door coupe. Naturally he will be assisted in the acquisition of a family mini van or a minibus, where to fit the whole family with the mother-in-law and her seedlings. At the same time, this car should have a "heavy" engine, but have a low tax so as not to injure the family budget. Also, such a machine should be roomy and as fully drive as possible, as sometimes our notorious six hundred square meters are located outside the jurisdiction of the road services.Again, having such a family, our hero will not begin to think about whether he needs a car. It is also more convenient for young children to take a car to the clinic rather than by public transport.

Further, children grow up, family income grows. Instead of six acres, a country house grows up and our forty-fifty-year-old man needs a large status car. This is either an SUV or executive class sedan, which is not a shame to appear in society, in the parking lot of the theater, or to get home easily.