Do I need an antivirus?

At some point, while working on a computer, you notice that the machine has “something is wrong”: programs are loading slowly, restarting itself is on, extraneous windows are appearing, it is impossible to close the browser. There may be several reasons for such problems, but first of all you should make sure that your computer is not infected with a malicious code, a virus.

Prevention is better than cure

So say the doctors. The same statement is acceptable for dealing with computer viruses. Antivirus software has been created to protect PCs and operating systems from unwanted interference. When asking yourself whether an antivirus is needed, do not rush to give a negative answer. If you plan to connect to the global network, the answer is definitely "yes." Indeed, in addition to viruses that affect the operation of computer programs, there are also phishing programs. Malefactors write virus codes not only in order to fool around, say, forcing the cd-drive to open without authorization, but also for committing cybercrime - theft of data, funds, information.You can still doubt whether you need an antivirus for Android, since many completely do without it, but for Windows it is vital.

Popularity creates danger

There are new devices using the Android operating system. It was created on the Linux platform, for which there are no such dangerous malware as for Windows. Therefore, to decide whether you need an antivirus for the tablet, can only its owner. Many experts argue that while protecting the electronics using this operating system is optional. Users claim that antivirus affects the speed of processes. Despite the fact that anti-virus programs for Android are created, they are not in a hurry to use. And if this approach is justified for tablets, it is very short-sighted for smartphones - they are becoming increasingly popular, which means that efforts to create viruses are quickly being justified. Those who suffered from phishing, lost money from the phone or paid for someone else's account, have no doubt that they need protection from viruses.

Do I need antivirus for iPad?

In devices like the iPad, the operating system was developed based on Mac OS.It is fairly well protected from malicious influence. Apple management rejected the proposal of one of the companies involved in the development of antiviruses, since they are not necessary for iOS.

We will not ask why they develop viruses. The fact that they are diverse and numerous is undeniable. The antivirus program cannot always cope with new types of viruses and completely secure the computer's OS. But it is possible and necessary to build a competent barrier for malicious programs, if necessary. And it exists, because even those who do not have access to the Internet, it is easy to bring a virus through removable devices: flash drives, digital camera, smartphone. Even those devices that now do not require additional protection in the near future may become vulnerable.