Do-it-yourself Christmas posters for 2016: how to draw a stage-by-stage spectacular poster without talent and skills

The new year is different from other holidays in that it is being prepared not only with gifts, but also with all sorts of decorations. And the most popular are those that are made by hand, and this is especially true if there are children in the house. The kids will take part in the process with pleasure - after all, they do not yet have their own finances to buy gifts, but this does not mean that they do not want to make them. In addition to all sorts of garlands, calendars and toys, you can also make a poster for the New 2016. The theme of how to draw step by step New Year's posters is most relevant on the eve of the holiday.

It's time to make a choice, which can draw a poster for the New Year 2016

Before you begin, you need to find out a few details.

  1. What can you draw? If the artistic talent is fully present, then it is much easier to choose - the posters for the New Year will be professional, colorful, and the plot may be the most difficult. There are an incredible number of plots - Snow Maiden or Father Frost singly and together, as well as with kids, hares and other forest animals. Heroes can stand or be in motion - go, go, dance, etc. Those who do not know how to draw or are not very confident can use tips on how to draw a poster for the New Year in stages.
  2. Now we need to determine which poster can be painted for the New Year. The plot was chosen in the last paragraph. But how it will be made out - paints, pencils, felt-tip pens - you need to think in advance. It is undesirable to use felt-tip pens, except for contouring, since they quickly lose their color saturation, and the overall impression will be spoiled.

  1. Whatever you want to draw: a Christmas tree, a snowflake or a fabulous house - you can first spend a couple of lessons on sheets of small format. If the drawings are successful, then how to draw a Christmas card with your own hands, you can already not worry.
  2. But about the paper, which will be depicted drawing, you need to think.Best of all look New Year's drawings on the Whatman paper - it has suitable sizes. By the way, the New Year wall newspaper with your own hands will also look fun and will delight all family members. Just like a poster, a Newspaper for the New Year will be appropriate in a kindergarten or school, and even in the office. It is possible to use not only white, but also blue or black sheets, on which it is handy to draw with silver and white flowers.
  3. And, finally, to start the implementation of tips on how to draw a New Year's poster in stages.

Step-by-step instruction

So let's get started.

First, the composition is thought out. The sheet is conventionally divided into four parts. If the poster for the New Year is copied, then it will immediately be seen what part of the sheet should be displayed.

Now the first contours are drawn, which are the basis.

To make a moving three-dimensional object easier and more reliable, you should help yourself with additional lines, using them as a skeleton around which volume is created.

To draw a drawing for the New Year beautifully, you need to follow the sequence of drawing details, and then the result will not make you blush.

The final touch of any “Happy New Year” poster will be a greeting lettering or even a small quatrain.

With strict observance of all instructions, there will be no special difficulties with how to draw a poster for the New Year.