Dream Interpretation: dream pants in a dream

In the dream book panties can be a symbol of entertainment, and may portend trouble and trouble. In order to correctly interpret a dream, remember the details - what kind of pants did you see, where, on yourself or on another person.

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What are dream panties dream
What are dream panties dream

Family Dream

Panties had a dream - wait for fun and entertainment, which will entail unpleasant consequences. If you bought pants in the store, it means that you should not count on help and can not trust others. Openwork can also foreshadow the appearance of gossips that will ruin your life.

What color were the pants?

  • black - you can commit an act of which you will regret for a long time. Remember who was the black pants. If they were worn by a stranger, be more careful about new acquaintances, and if you know him, keep in mind that he is plotting against you;

  • whites - you are ashamed and regret the act you have done recently;

  • scarlet - get ready for a new romantic relationship, forget the past.

Old dream book

Stroll through the city in shorts - wait for the bad news,learn about the troubles, diseases.

Dream dream wanderer

If panties are removed from a woman, they characterize her sex life. Beautiful, clean - you are happy with your loved one and everything will be fine in your intimate life. For men, any cowards - get into a stupid position, go broke, lose property.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

If you buy pants in a dream, pay attention to what color they look like and how. If their appearance causes you to have positive emotions - wait for good news, bad - to gossip and squabbles. Acquire, choose men's pants - get an offer. Wash - your ideas go against the plan of others.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Cowards in a dream to see - a warning that in the near future you can compromise yourself, lead indecently, disgrace. If you have access to people, behave modestly and try not to abuse alcohol.

What were the cowards?

  • Thong - you will find a stormy, but very short romance;

  • torn - to see such clothes on yourself, it means that ill-wishers are gathering around you;

  • dirty - you can become a victim of unpleasant circumstances that do not depend on you;

  • with blood - to kin, maybe you have a feeling of guilt.

In the dream book, women's panties are associated with personal affairs and relationships. If you have lost your cowards - quarrel with a friend, but you yourself will be the one to cause trouble. If you walk among dressed people in shorts, it means that you are tormented by a feeling of loneliness. Put on a new, white or beautiful underwear - to a new acquaintance.