Easteris not only a holiday, in which it is customary to gather at the family table, but also one more reason to give your family and friends an original gift. And what can be more pleasant than receiving gifts made with your own hands? An egg-shaped pendant made of wire and beads will be a bright and original gift that will decorate any interior. To make it, prepare silver wire with a thickness of 0.3 mm and 1 mm, multi-colored beads, round pliers.
 multi-colored beads
Take a piece of thick (1mm) wire with a length of 16 cm Twist the ends of the wire and shape the product into an egg.
 give the product the shape of an egg
Take thin (0.3 mm) wire and cut a piece d Line 1 meter. Fold it twice in the middle and slightly twist. This wire will be needed for the formation of dense but flexible bases intended for further braiding. Secure one end of the wire with a triple twisting in the middle of the egg.Next, stretch the wire to the opposite side and also secure by twisting. Then re-fasten the wire on the opposite side, thus forming parallel lines.
 parallel lines
 stringing beads
Type orange on a thin wire beads and fasten the bead thread by twisting around the wire base.
 Second tier fill encore With the
At this stage, it is important to monitor the wire tension in order to avoid deformation of the egg. After filling the first tier, cut the wire and secure it by winding around the frame. Fill the second tier with yellow and blue beads.
 fill the whole egg with beads
The third (middle) tier will be filled not in vertical, but in horizontal rows. To form it, fasten a wavy wire. And alternately fill each sector, securing the working thread in the same way,as in the previous stages.
 egg pendant
Filling in all sectors of the middle tier, form vertical rows of yellow, blue and purple beads on the remaining rows. Decorate the top of the pendant with a golden bow. The Easter pendant made of wire and beads in the pop-art style is ready.