Exotic Massages

Massage like nothing else gives your body new strength and recovery. And exotic massages will allow you to experience incredible sensations.



For exotic massages include the following types:





Thai foot massage Wat Po


Spanish massage


Chinese massage


Hawaiian massage "LOMI-LOMI"


Burmese head massage


Thai massage


Russian SPA massage


Spanish facial massage


Ayurvedic face massage


Foot massage helps to restore the functions of the body, overall recovery, relieves fatigue and tension from your feet.


In case of chronic fatigue and puffiness, Spanish massage will help you. This affects the whole body. It helps to relax completely.


Chinese massage helps purify the body, removes all toxins and harmful substances from the cells. It is carried out with the help of special plates, which are made from the horns of a Malaysian buffalo.


Hawaiian massage "LOMI-LOMI" uses a variety of techniques. This massage uses incense, oil solutions, various movements - from soft, smooth to intense. Special breathing is also applied. All this helps to fill the body with energy.


Burmese massage is good for relieving stress. Remarkably it works with prolonged stresses.


Thai massage is very effective for general health improvement. It affects the nervous system, promotes body rejuvenation. This is one of the most ancient type of massage.


SPA massage combines various techniques. This unusual combination maximally relaxes the body, activates the internal energy of the body. Indispensable for fatigue.


The most pleasant and effective facial massage is Spanish. Promotes rejuvenation, smoothes wrinkles, strengthens the skin and muscles.


Ayurvedic rejuvenating massage has a tightening and soothing effect. The nervous system thus comes to norm or rate, passes or takes place a stress and a headache. At the end of the tension completely goes away.


This is not all types of massages that came to us from different countries. Any massage allows you to do something for your body, they also act in different ways. Before you agree to this or that effect, you should first of all find out what you need. To not get harm instead of benefit.