Features of care with a combined type of aging

Discussions of cosmetologists about the time of onset of skin aging among representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have been conducted for a long time, but there is no consensus yet. There are suggestions that the start of the process is given by the established monthly cycle, the onset of puberty and others. And from the point of view of psychologists, a woman herself starts the process of aging the skin, internally allowing it.

Those who want to stay young and beautiful as long as possible, regardless of their passport data, do not postpone care of the skin for later, being guided in their choice of means and methods by their type of aging. And if “lucky”, and this is a combined version, then the fight against aging should begin in youth.


The combined variant is the most complicated morphological type of aging, combining all the distinctive features of other well-known types, but most often of fine-grained type with deformation.Moreover, for women of our country, it is the most common, since half of the female population faces it at a rather early age. Bright representatives of the mixed version can be easily recognized by the following features:

  • reduced elasticity and elasticity of the skin, expressed in its sagging;
  • dry skin in the area of ​​the eyes and forehead, with a network of wrinkles;
  • the presence of edema under the eyes, popularly called "bags";
  • violation of the contours of the face, leading to deformation of the oval, with its "flowing" to the neck;
  • the appearance of nasolabial wrinkles;
  • wrinkling of the wings of the nose - "wrinkles of sorrow", giving the face a dull expression.

Process mechanism

It can be assumed that this type of aging is more likely for women with a normal physique with a slight tendency to excess weight and swelling, combined face skin. The process usually begins with signs characteristic of the tired type, then other symptoms are added to them.

As a result, areas of dry skin, especially the forehead, become covered with fine wrinkles, and areas with excess subcutaneous fat, preferably the cheek area, show signs of pastosity, accompanied by the formation of nasolabial folds and sagging facial contours.

What is a combined type from the point of view of a cosmetologist:

  • dry skin until it is thinning;
  • slowing down the recovery processes with the destruction of collagen;
  • decrease in blood circulation of the skin, with partial loss of protective functions.

What can be done to grow old, "without losing face"?

Skin care

In the case of a mixed version, it is difficult to recommend home and salon products and procedures, because in each case an individual approach to the problem is needed. In some women, signs of the deformation type may prevail, in others small-wrinkled, and someone else at the stage of a tired version of aging.

In addition, one can not ignore the age, skin type and hormones, which directly affects the condition of the skin of a woman. And with a competent course of hormonal therapy, you can achieve an effect that is not inferior in severity to expensive hardware procedures.

In the presence of a combined type, they combine various types of care, correcting those age-related changes that are most pronounced and negatively affect the appearance, so:

  1. Initially, it is necessary to determine the type of your skin and the type of aging in order to establish the vector of further actions.If there are difficulties, the cosmetologist can help, selecting the most successful correct care, while the program on anti-aging procedures and remedies will focus on the genetic type of aging, the condition of the skin and the general condition of the body, taking into account the hormonal status.
  2. Then forget about bad habits, especially nicotine and alcohol, accelerating the aging process of the body in general, and the skin in particular. Do feasible sports, spend more time outdoors, organize adequate sleep and active rest. In general, to conduct a healthy lifestyle, to look no worse than Hollywood actresses.
  3. Third, adjust the diet, adding to the menu a large number of useful products. To give preference to vegetables and cereals, products with the content of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B and C. Observe the alkaline and water balance, drinking a day and a half liters of clean water.
  4. Every day, carefully care for your skin with the help of quality products such as gels for washing, tonics and lotions, creams for different areas of the face, day and night. Do not forget about sunscreen in summer, protecting your face from ultraviolet radiation.All means must correspond to the type of skin and age, since many cosmetic brands produce product lines in accordance with age.
  5. Use homemade masks from scrap products, according to popular recipes and in accordance with the type of skin. Many effective masks can be found on the Internet. They will help remove mimic wrinkles, tighten the facial contours, smooth out minor defects, get rid of edema, refresh skin, tone it.
  6. If possible, do not give up anti-aging programs that correct the appearance according to the changes. These are various cosmetological procedures and methods, in the form of:

Techniques are individual in each case, often used ultrasound and radio wave therapy, a combination of hardware methods with injections. You can also do laser polishing to improve skin structure.

Aging is a natural process and cannot be avoided. Even the highest level of aesthetic medicine methods does not negate the daily care of the face skin, helping to push the senile changes for some time.Any type of aging, especially combined, is accompanied by changes that must be constantly compensated.

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